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Frank Little Sam

Frank Little Sam

2 mins

There is a cute little boy sam aged 6, cute and sweet and dangerous frank and truthful to his nature here are some of his scene creations, one morning, as usual, Sam'S loving pappa Mr. Benny finished his morning walk, and exercise and returned home, at his gate, he stopped to say bye to his friends, who were going back home little sam stood at the gate to see his dad and wish him good morning, 

And wanted to be carried and cuddled by his dad ...

Dad did it, just bent to carry sam, and......Sam shouted 

Dad, you fart so loud? 

Dad's friends burst out laughing, sam ran to the kitchen and called mom!

Wats for breakfast? mom didn't reply as she was busy, Sam said, now don't shout out saying there are no eggs in the fridge, and dad is lazy and never helps you to goshopping...Moms' neighbor was in her balcony and heard sam, and said just a super kid sam is...Mom was embarrassed.....Later, Sam reached his school, and said good morning teacher,

And said can I please go back home today? I have not done my homework,

And eaten more in the morning, and want to use the toilets badly he may do it here by chance, the teacher sent him home immediately, in the evening g moms relatives came home to invite them for a wedding, they were all having tea and snacks, while sam had his milk, Sam said out loud suddenly, mom! Aren't these those snacks granny sent last month? Where are the fresh cakes and chips which dad bought today morning? Mom starred at sam and said, these are fresh snacks baby, you don't know anything...

Sam saw the wedding card.

The guest gave his mom, and said whose getting married? Will they also keep fighting now? The guests laughed and laughed and kiss sam goodbye, mom said what will i do with this boy ?why is he so frank ?? O god help me 

Sam Immediately said,

Mom !! I can help you, whenever you joke on fatty marrie aunty, whenever you and dad want to fight ,,when you say don't tell dad I went shopping ,,,when u burn all the dinner and order from the restaurant,

When you ask me to answer your phone and say tell aunty moms, not at home,

Ooo my god !!shouted mom

Plz, help me by just keeping quiet...... 

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