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Vandana Basava



Vandana Basava




3 mins

Mira got a call at night,when she was about to fall asleep,hello! She said in a sleepy voice.

She heard her brother talk to her crying and so scared he sounded, Mira sprang 

Up on the bed and stood up ,ravi ??she said please tell properly what has happened to you!

Iam there for you Ravi, she said , then Ravi told her that he and his friends went to a tour and 

Were attacked by goons!!

And he was hiding now in a near by restaurant and didn't have enough money

To catch a bus from there.

Mira who was studying medicine,was a smart girl

She said give me the address here you are and stay there quite and wear a turban or handkerchief to change your look and remain confidential the place where ravi was hiding was 70 kilometers from Miras hostel , here she called the watchman who was also a driver and a wise and kind old man,he soon agreed to help mira to get her brother back home, Mira took permission from the hostel and left in the taxi to the place where ravi was hiding,

After traveling for an hour,she found the restaurant !! and quickly went inside and searched the place, suddenly Ravi 

Came out of the washroom

Mira was so happy,

She looked around and said quickly get in the cab 

We have to leave this place immediately!!

They just ran out of the restaurant,and oh!! the goons stood there with sticks as and rods! O my god they said suddenly, the power went off, and it was very dark everywhere ,Ravi ,Mira and driver uncle escaped from the restaurant ...

With a small torch they had and quickly got into the car,

And drove fast away from there, they all were praying and thanking god,

After driving for 20 minutes the tyre got punctured! And the hey had to stop,quickly Ravi and the driver uncle,fixed the tyre and got into the car ..And suddenly ,heavy rains started, and could not see anything in the dark road,they sat in the car with Windows closed, and scared and sad......suddenly a flash of lights just passed through the car,they looked at each other horrified,

And heard big crash....

It was a van which dashed to a nearby tree...

They just looked and decided to try to get away from there.as they started the car,they saw a huge traffic jam, and decided to take a short cut road ,which was muddy and narrow they drove on for sometme,and the road was closed further ,they got out of the car and saw a old house near by as it was still raining,they decided to get in that house and wait there, they knocked at the door ,hello!! ravi said ,and a old man opened the door and welcomed them ,they were offered coffee, and the rain was heavily pouring out there...

O god what do we do? cried Ravi,the old man said what's the problem?

Just stay here all of you and ho back home in the morning ,they thought for a while,and agreed to stay there,they woke up early in the morning and thanked the host for helping them and went back to their home safely , Ravi said,what a sister I have

Brave,smart and sooo good....bless u dear sister he said,and thanked the driver uncle so much,,

We should all learn to be strong,and act accordingly ti ever y situation and smartly be safe and happy ...

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