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Vandana Basava




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Once there was s family who lived in a countryside place their house was big, and had a huge field in front, covered with secured and high fencing all around, the family had parents, their son Aditya and his wife, and their two small....children, the grandparents loved the kids so much that they kept every valuable thing they had only for them, one day another house was occupied next to their house, and a couple came to stay there, she was a wicked woman, and she quietly observed the neighbors and one day she, came to Aditya house and said, hi! I'm staying next door and invited all for a tea-party, Aditya's ss family agreed and they became close and exchanged dishes slowly the wicked lady got close to Aditya's wife and told her why are you bearing the work of a joint family? Just get rid of the old parents of your husband...At first, Aditya's wife did not agree, she stopped talking to the neighbor, later one day when she saw a lady at a wedding, wearing jewelry, her wicked neighbor's words, came to her mind, why am I not having so much jewelry fo me, what will my old mother in law do with her jewelry in this age?

She began thinking about this day and night, one day she called the wicked neighbor and went for a walk, hey made a plan to kill the old parents of Aditya

Straight away she poisoned the old parents in law when Aditya was away for work, the old couple soon died after having the poisoned food, after their death, Aditya cried for days and fell sick, he didn't know anything about what happened to his parents why they died, later after a month Aditya opened his mother's cupboard, and called his wife, see!! Mothers photos, the wife was busy searching for the jewelry

Box,aditya found a covered and packed jewelry box, with a note in it this, it was written, whole jewelry and the cash in this box is for my daughter in law she has served us do much and we always bless her and her kids to be safe and happy always, we thank her for everything shes done for us, hearing this aaditya cried loud,o God bless my parent's soul,aaditya wife felt so bad, suddenly she hated the jewelry and cried very loud, god will never forgive me she thought in her mind,.....days later aadityas wife found a letter in a box in the kitchen, saying dear daughter in law, we know you poisoned us, we saw you adding poison in our mealsbut please, listen carefully, the neighbor lady is really wicked she has planned to kill you and rob your jewelry, and please tear this letter before aaditya comes home, and avoid talking or meeting the wicked neighbor, the daughter in law just freaked out in guilt, fear, and repentance, for what a blunder she had done,


The neighbor suddenly left the place forever ..... and now Aditya's wife Was not able to come out her guilt, she went to the burial ground where the parents of Aditya were cremated and prayed there for a long time, the old parents appeared in

In her dreams and asked what do you want? 

She quickly replied, please Forgive me I can't come out of my guilt, the old couple said, listen that wicked lady has gone from here so that she can come one night and kill you, then run away far from here, the daughter in law, cried in fear, and said, I deserve it,

The old couple said No, my child, you have to raise your sweet kids, protect them from such wicked people, and said it's our last wish for our sake.

Please forget and forgive yourself for your mistake and be a pillar for your family, and the daughter in law woke from her dreams, that night it was 3 o clock..........

When suddenly the door creaked, and the wicked lady really came to kill her...Seeing this she understood her dream was true and she's here to kill 

Aaditya wife,


Furious Aditya

The wife bought A big stone quietly and hit her hard on her head,  Aaaaa screamed the wicked woman and fell unconscious. Aaditya complained to the police and jailed the wicked lady for life, Aditya's wife made it a habit to pray every day to her parents in law and spoke to them in her dreams, and they guided her whenever she was in need,

The daughter in law lived her whole life with this big secret buried her in heart,

Parents can never be cruel to revenge taking minded even after their death...

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