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Deepti Agrawal

Abstract Romance


Deepti Agrawal

Abstract Romance

Forever A 'Photograph'

Forever A 'Photograph'

4 mins

On a dull evening, Meena was disturbed by her blank thoughts. Her mind was otherwise filled with innumerous things at a go. 

Staying away from the real world, living alone filled with virtual hugs and faces. No warmth of Real smiles shining next to her. She was missing her old life.

The life which she wanted to run away from. The life which was getting on her nerves. Life was filled with a complicated relationships. The life which she thought will consume her.

Her eyes fixed on the photograph of her love and herself, enlarged and occupying the half of her drawing-room wall. Her mind wandered to her past.

She never believed in a long-distance relationship. Oh! And how lucky she was. She found the love of her life right in her city. 

Next to her office building was a salon. She had wandered there to look. There she met those beautiful amazing eyes which sparkled her senses in a zillion ways.. right in that one moment. She was consumed with the gracious nature and temperament of the owner of that Unisex Salon.

She knew her life is about to change. She decided to change the color of her locks on the suggestion of that melodious voice. She went out of her character and gave her consent to experiment with her long thick tresses. 

After an hour and a half when her hair was washed and dried she locked herself in the mirror. The person who looked back at her with appreciation had the same eyes as hers Yet, she was different. 

Completely different. 

A girl with a stylized cut, with blue and bright red streaks, watched her with radiance and confidence. 

She was transformed. She admired the owner's taste and style of working.

"Mohini, you are an amazing person. I love myself more now. You have transformed me. Would you like to have a cup of coffee, as a thank you gesture from me? " Meena said to Mohini, the owner of the salon.

She agreed instantly.

The way Mohini looked at Meena, she knew their hearts have met. They are meant to be together. They are Made for Each other.

Meetings between them started with coffee and soon flourished in an inseparable relationship.

The world did not understand their love. They were looked upon as untouchables by few. They had to hide their emotions in public. It was their own sweet secret.

Their happiness and togetherness were making them complete. But time changes. It never remains the same.

Meena got an Excellent opportunity in Canada from her office. She was to go there for training for three months.

Ever since Meena and Mohini got together, this was the first time they were to separate for three long months.

With a heavy heart but promises to keep she flew away to Canada. She had time enough now to really analyze her future too... that was the end of January 2020. 

The pandemic hit the entire world violently by the end of February. The world came to a standstill. Lockdowns, infections, deaths, closures of borders. Too much happened. 

She got stuck in Canada. Mohini was in India. Work outside the home was not happening. Mohini had to close down her Salon. Meanwhile, she got infected too. There was nobody who could take care of her. Mohini was in ICU due to post Covid complications.  

Meena had no way to return. 

The three-month duration stretched to a year and a half. It's June 2021.. she somehow managed to get a seat on a plane towards her love, her dearest sweetest Mohini.

She was late by the time she reached. Mohini had only a few breaths left. 

Meena was not allowed to go near her. She was furious and felt disabled. She could not do anything standing behind the glass door watching her love, breathing last.

Four days later, Mohini. Her Mohini turned into a memory pasted on that lovely photograph taken on the day when Meena was at the airport. Their parting picture. 

Who knew it will be the last saved memory she will have in physical form. Of course, Her Love will always be alighted in her heart. 


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