Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Deepti Agrawal

Abstract Inspirational


Deepti Agrawal

Abstract Inspirational

An Old Book

An Old Book

3 mins

My world is falling apart. No one is there to support me. My creativity has taken a back seat as I am not able to create stunning designs. I could not sleep, it seems as if sleep got wings and it escaped from my window.

"Oh, God! Please make me sleep. Maybe then I will be able to bring back my creativity." my mind wandered while flipping the page of some old book.

"Quickly, flip to page number 24 .. there... can you see a drawing... Ahaa, that's the one I love most. it is indeed made by my best reader. Yes, your dear sweet, angel Vanshika" said the Old Book, sitting on my desk. 

"A Book?? How cannot speak?" My head banged hard on the floor.

"Pheww.. what a weird dream it was.. it seemed so real.." I woke up massaging my head softly...

" Wait... but how come the book which I took out yesterday from the attack spoke to me" I was quite surprised.

" Not only does it speak to me but it also told me about a drawing made by my dearest grandmother Vanshika. Yes.... that's her name." Saying so I immediately got up from bed and went to my desk to validate my dream.

"Yes, indeed the book, I saw in my dream was this one only."

I flipped to page number 24 And ....There... Was the most beautiful Motif sketched in hand ... 'Could this really, be the work of my grandmother.' I was wondering .. what a beauty this morif is. I had never seen such an exclusive design. This is a great design....wait a moment... I can see something written in pencil..' 

There was a faint script written in hand .. with time it has almost submerged in the brittle yellowed page.. like a forgotten abandoned dream .... Waiting...........!!!

I took out my reading glasses to read it .. the moment the words came to make sense .. my tensed mouth relaxed and soothed my brain.. I suddenly felt as if I had found the treasure of my life.. when the entire world is falling apart and everywhere is hatred and fire and jealousy and anger... Those words came to me as a soothing petrichor... 

On it,... My GrandMother left words of wisdom for Me.. for the Mankind.. which are to be Understood not simply read......

It was written

"Life is not an exam or a lesson to be learned...

It is to be Lived with Gratitude and Forgiveness..." 

My tears started streaming down and felt, as if, this message was meant for ME in these difficult times of Pandemic. I got my answer. I even got inspiration from her Motif. May peace fall on all of us. May we learn and understand the power of



Live Every moment as if it's the last. Live it completely while walking on the path of 'dharma' to attain 'Salvation'.

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