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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Deepti Agrawal

Horror Thriller


Deepti Agrawal

Horror Thriller

House Of The Dead

House Of The Dead

6 mins

Rajeev, Shalini, and Rohit were siblings. Rajeev, being the eldest was like a father figure to both Shalini and Rohit. They had lost their father when Rohit was just two days old.

Rajeev took the responsibility of all at a very tender age of eight. Their mother, Lata, took good care of them as much as possible, trying to work as their both parents. Yet, they felt something missing from their lives whenever they saw other kids playing with their fathers.

Rajeev was a sensitive one. He constantly dreamed of meeting his father one day. He had many 'Maybes' in his mind. 

"What if the father is not dead?? 

Maybe he had gone someplace and lost his memory. 

Maybe one day his memory returns and he will be back. 

Maybe due to some XYZ reason had gone to the jungle and lost his way.

Maybe... Maybe...maybe.." his mind buzzed with emotions and thoughts. Though deep down his heart he knew that it is all fantasy.. he knew his father is no more.. after all he was the one who did all his last rites.

It was summer vacation so all three siblings along with their mother went to visit their 'Mausi' in Ferozabad. 

"Look.. my dear sister is finally here.. and look how my niece and nephews have grown so big. Now when you are here we will have a great time." Mausi said happily hugging them all one by one.

"Yes, didi. I thought it would be good for all of us to have some change" Lata replied.

"Why don't you three go to the backyard .. Rohan must be there with his dog 'Tipsy'.. go.. go.. run and enjoy. Meanwhile, let me get food ready." Said Mausi going towards the kitchen.

Rohan was an intelligent kid of 8 years.. he was just a year younger than Rajeev. He was playing with Tipsy.. every time Tipsy found the ball which Rohan threw, she rushed back and clutched his knickers with her teeth.. pulling them down.. embarrassed Rohan pulls up his shorts and looked at his cousins smiling.

"Oh Tipsy leave me now.. see who all are here.. come let me introduce you to my cousins." He came towards them smiling.

Everybody was enjoying it a lot.. after all, they all were meeting after a year.

" Mummy, I am taking my cousins to the Big park. We will plan for Rajeev bhaiya's Eleventh Birthday there.. just two days left for his birthday... Yayy... Let's go to the park now.." Informed Rohan.

" Oh. That's a very good idea. Go enjoy. But Rohan, stay away from House no 13. Okay." Their mother replied.

" I know it Maa.. do not worry. Byee" Rohan rushed outside along with Rajeev, Shalini, and Rohit.

" Hey, Rohan what was mausi saying? About the house. Why was she warning us..?" Asked Shalini.

" Nothing friends. it's near the park and everybody thinks it's haunted. We all call it the 'House of the Dead'.."

" Haunted......?? With ghosts and all... Just like in movies.." giggled Rohit the youngest.

" Maybe..." Said Rohan " I had never been there. Mom never lets me go. Older kids, tell us stories about that house. No one lives there and for sure it looks scary."

" Whatever .. let's go to the park and play.. do not scare me with stupid talks," Shalini said with a bit of fear in her eyes.

They went to the park, their three friends were already playing. 

"Come on friends we have to make plans for the birthday and a list of friends we will be calling. " Rohan called his friends. 

After pondering and jotting down some pointers .....

"I think we made a good plan for my birthday. I am excited.. let us play with our ball." Rajeev said standing on his feet and brushing away the dirt from his pants.

" I got my bat today..!" Said Mukesh

They started playing together. Mukesh was batting and Rohit was balling. Suddenly, their ball hit the bat and flew high... Very High and ...plop.. it fell into the boundary of House no 13 - the haunted one.

" Oh. No... we have lost our ball to the 'House of the Dead'. " Mukesh said sadly.

" Is it really haunted or you all are making stories. " Asked Rajeev.

" It is true, as per all around us."

" Have you seen it for real..?"

" No. But... I. I .. am ... Scared of it.. the grass is big in the garden.. forget about the ball. We have lost many balls to the house already."

" I do not believe in ghosts. Moreover, I would like to interview one. It will be fun.. who knows maybe someone knows my father." Rajeev said thinking.. and walked towards the house.

" No... Please don't go there." Rohan pleaded.

" I am going on my own then. if anybody wants to come then can join me. After all, that Ball is the only memory I have of papa with me. I am going to GET my ball." Rajeev was determined to find the ball.

Everyone followed Rajeev to the house.. but they had no courage to step inside. 

For a moment Rajeev was also in a double mind .. to step inside or not.. hunh.. he made up his mind and opened the main iron gate.. it opened with a screeechhh.. 

"Bhaiya, let's go back. see even the gate is scary.." Mukesh said... And rest of the kids nodded in agreement.

" This gate screeched because it's rusted see.. it just needs some oiling. Maa had made me oil ours last month. It had stopped screeching since then. Right, Rohit..?" Explained Rajeev.

Rajeev kept walking towards the wooden door. It was locked but a window was opened.. he jumped inside from the window. " Come on everyone .. there is no one inside.. come let's find our ball."

No one dared to move from their place.. "Okay.. whatever.. stay right there. I will be back in a moment." Saying so he disappeared into the house.

All kids were shaken by his behavior. Mukesh knew 'Hanuman Chalisa he started reciting it.

Suddenly, Rajeev appeared at the window shouting...and panting "Go get me a glass of water.... Fast...Papa needs water " he had excitement in his voice.

Rohit got so scared that he peed in his pants. "Bhaiya, come back. Papa is no more. You know that."

But, Rajeev did not want to hear anything. He opened his water bottle and rushed inside .. again.

Time passed... Rivulets of fear and sweat appeared on all the kid's foreheads. Shalini's hands were sweating a lot and she was pacing here and there.

Then, thinking something she too went near the window and jumped inside. " Bhaiya, even I want to meet papa." 

They both were gone inside for long.. it must be only ten minutes or so.. but seemed as if they had been there for ages.

After some time they both appeared at the window and calmly jumped outside.

" Look, they are here.." relief washed over Rohit and Rohan.

" Tell us what happened...?? What did Papa say.." asked Rohit.

"He said .. from now on this ball is yours.. and pay attention to your studies" Rajeev produced his ball from his pocket and laughed.

"There is no one inside. I was making stories.. ask Shalini .. she was with me inside.." 

Everyone looked at Shalini questioningly.. she nodded in agreement.. and smiled.

But, Rajeev had something going on in his mind.. he kept looking back at the house... His face was ashen white.

They all returned home happily. This summer vacation was best as Rajeev got to celebrate his birthday with new friends.. and had some extraordinary experiences.

Till today no one believed them... As they knew the stories...

The 'House of the Dead' is still considered haunted as ever.

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