Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Deepti Agrawal

Children Stories Children


Deepti Agrawal

Children Stories Children

Planet 'Timbaktoo'

Planet 'Timbaktoo'

2 mins

5.....4.....3.....2.... Go..... And whooosh.....

The rocket took its leap towards the future.

Mr. Murthy of ISRO was super excited as this was his dream project. Soon his love 'Mehbooba' will be away from the earth's atmosphere and will reach Mars in exactly 7 months 5days 18 hours. 

He was too emotional to let go of his 'Mehbooba' on which he and his team have worked tirelessly for 6 years. But, letting go is the only answer to find 'Inner Peace'.

With minor glitches here and there his rover was going perfectly smooth. Last 6 months and 14days have passed closely monitoring every second of Mehbooba's journey. Now it was just a matter of 15 more days to go. He was too excited...

With bated breath entire, ISRO's along with the world's eye was on the mission. After all for the very first time, this mission has reached so far.

Suddenly their monitors beeped strangely. 

"No... No....noooo you cannot betray me. Please overcome this glitch. Those are just meteors just fly past them." Mr Murthy muttered looking at the screen.

Suman bit her nails furiously pressing buttons here and there. She was trying hard to control the situation. "Sir, sir.. please come here quickly. I am unable to see anything on screen. It has gone blank." She screamed calling Mr Murthy.

10 seconds passed nothing happened. 1 minute.. Nothing.... 

3 minutes nothing.. 

6 minutes NOTHING. 

Everyone's eyes dropped and their hearts sank. They have lost yet another rover. 

There was pin drop silence. But somehow Mr Murthy had Hope alive in his heart. He turned towards the other monitor and pressed few buttons.. Recorded few readings and went back to the other side of the room and entered few more readings and pressed Emergency Connect Button(ECB). He has installed it in early stages of the mission. Just to be safer.

The moment he used that button.... Lo..... The screen flickered once or twice and came back to life.

"Mehbooba has landed." Suman shrieked with happiness.

It was an exhilarating moment for the entire team.

But, "wait , how come it had landed ALREADY??" Mr Murthy asked. " We are still 15 days and 2.35 hours away from Mars?" 

It was very strange. Everyone in room got back to work finding answers. The pictures were coming from the camera. "It is sending images.... " Suman spoke softly at first and then shouted " we are getting first Images..s...s"

Mr Murthy ran towards the screen and watched in awe. Indeed images were coming across the screen. "It seems we have landed on 'TIMBAKTOO" a new planet .. NEW PLANETtttttt" he shouted with happiness.

"My first great discovery" with moist eyes he wiped his tears of joy.


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