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Deepti Agrawal

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Deepti Agrawal

Abstract Others

Movie Time

Movie Time

2 mins

Anju was working as an Assistant Manager in an export firm.. along with her job she was also pursuing her post-graduation.

Her friend Anisha used to come and pick her up for few classes in college.

Anju's boss was kind and considerate enough to let her attend her classes along with the office job. 

Anju, in return, obliged her duties and performed well. She used to go to her class and returns immediately afterward to the office.

Her boss was happy to see her dedication to work and studies. 

Once there was this action movie of her favorite actor Arnold Schwarzenegger came to their town.. she wanted to see it.. but she was not allowed to go anywhere in the evenings. Daytime was her office time after that she could not go to the theatre.

"Anju.. do you really want to see the movie..??" Anisha asked.

"Oh yes of course.. but there is no way I can watch it.." she replied sadly.

Anisha smiled mischievously and said "where there is a will. there is a way." 

"What do you mean.. dear. I cannot take an off from the office."

"Who is asking you to take an off.. simply say you have a special class and we will go and watch the movie."

"But, that's cheating and lying to them. You know naa. I never lie."

"Okay then do not watch it..hunh.." Anisha was now angry.

" But what if we do have a class and we bunk it for once and go," Anju said thoughtfully.

"Ahaa.. now you are getting some sense in your head. Chill baby.. we are big enough to have few adventures in our life. Right!" Anisha clapped cheerfully.

Finally. They went to see the movie. Since it was an English movie.. so they need not worry about time.. they are not the long ones.. they end in an hour or sometimes a bit more than an hour.

BuT...As a rule... Whatever you wish or planned so.. does not always happen the same.. and this time was no different. The movie was Longggg.. it lasted for a full two and a half hours... Phewwww. 

Going back to the office was difficult for Anju as she now felt guilty and bad for her lie.

With great difficulty and shame inside, she reached her office. No one said anything to her. Everybody was as usual Normal. She sighed....!

That was the Last time she explored such kind of Adventure ... A secret she held in her heart never to pour out.

Well!! A super memorable Movie time.. which was never repeated again though.

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