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Reva Saraf



Reva Saraf




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"Revs! Want to eat some popcorn?" Kiya asked, happily. "Well, I think, more than your simple and plain popcorn, Revs would love my chocolate popcorn!" Julia said, teasingly. "I don't want to eat any type of popcorn!" I quickly informed them. Those two girls cannot stand each other at all! 

Suddenly, we heard a sound. It seemed as if a rat was squeaking. "What...or who is that?" I asked. "Obviously, Revs, it's a rat!" Kiya said. She quickly ran towards the rat. 

We chased it for a long time. That rat seemed to have taken classes from Usain Bolt! It ran so fast! 

"Squeak! Stop, girls! I am the Radiant Rat, from the far away Fantasy worlds." He replied. "Oh, okay, well, it's not actu-" I began, but then I said, "Wait. You can talk?!" "Didn't you hear me? I am from the Fantasy world!" He said, twitching his little snout. 

Julia asked next, "Why did you come here, ratty?" "Radiant rat," He corrected. "I am here to take you, for an adventure! The queen of our world, Misty has chosen you three girls for the sake of our world." Kiya, Julia and I obviously didn't have to think twice. We quickly agreed. After Jungle Mayhem, we couldn't really deny the offer.


"Great! Say the magic words with me: Take us to the fantasy world, O mighty one!" He replied. We repeated it exactly the same way. 

"What do we say if we want to return back to the real world?" Julia asked. "You're not going to return so soon! Fun adventures last for long!" He replied, smirking. 

Soon, we reached in a passage. It was all made of diamonds, Crystals and Emeralds! 

"This passage is made up of so many gemstones!" Kiya said, looking everywhere in wonder. "Yes, obviously!" Julia said, frowning at her. "As if!" Kiya shouted back. "Stop it!" I shouted at both of them. 

Radiant rat began to walk, and we followed him. "Okay, I am going to take you to the Queen!" He informed. "Are we supposed to go like this, in these plain t-shirts and pants? Good impression is important." I said, looking at my clothes. "Oh okay, well, girls really need a reason to dress-up!" He replied. We giggled. 

He snapped his little paws, and then, Julia, Kiya and I smiled. Our simple attire had changed into beautiful gowns! 

We walked through the passage. Soon, we reached the throne room, where the queen was seated. 

Her skin looked delicate. A beautiful crown rested on head. She had eyes as bright as the sun. Her hair was fiery red. 

"Hello, I'm Misty, the Radial Queen." She said, smiling at us. We bowed down. "We're honoured to meet you!" I said, on behalf of Julia and Kiya.


"I am a fairy queen, who has special powers. I can make any type of geometrical design! I also have the power to recognise whether a person has a pure soul or not. All the people believe on me very much. That's what I really love." She told. 

The walls of the room were decorated beautifully with geometrical 3D patterns. "So, are you the one who has made these beautiful patterns on the walls?" Kiya asked, delighted. "Yes! It was my passion. It still is." She replied, smiling at the walls. She snapped her fingers, and three beautiful medallions appeared. They had a geometrical pendant. It was so stylish, and sweet and the same time!

"Here are your gifts!" She said. We put them on. They looked so beautiful and classy! "Mine is the best!" Julia bragged. "No, mine is!" Kiya said. "Oh come on, you two! Learn to get along!" I shouted at them. Misty laughed. "So, for your first mission," She said, turning serious again. "You need to go to the Time Valley. You must bring the two clocks, which have extreme power. And remember, in the Time Valley, time is always 2 hours more than the actual timing."

"Oh, so for example, if it's 2 pm here, it will be 4 pm in the time valley. Am I right?" Julia asked. The queen nodded. "And, you will find a really tiny encyclopedia of Time Valley in the Lost Timings Hill. It's a hill shaped like a massive clock." She informed. "If it's tiny, how will we find it in such a massive hill?!" Kiya asked, looking worried. "That's the challenge!" She said. "I trust you three girls! I'm sure you will succeed! And, the next mission of yours will be informed by the guardian, who guards the two clocks. You'll have to prove yourselves worthy!"

"We promise!" We shouted. The queen then said, "You'll leave in sometime. Come with me to the supplies room."


When we had reached the supplies room, the queen gave us a bag. "Here," She began. "This bag contains the mighty vial, which has a liquid. It can cure any wounds. Next, is the Eye. It is a eye-shaped marble. It can give you a hint of objects hidden in different places." She snapped her fingers again, and our gowns transformed into comfortable t-shirts and pants.

She explained us everything. We thanked her, and set out for our mission.

We walked along the roads.


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