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This is the story of Urie Mikes and Urbun Mikes. They both are the best of friends and this is all I reveal. (THUNDER SOUND)

Sass — Amazing, I really love this movie.

Jordan - Come on Sass, how many times will we watch the same movie. I am.......bored and famished.

Lisa - Really, then why do not you get something to eat and stop ranting.

Sass - Lisa, I think J cannot walk........let us tell his coach to throw him out of the team.

Jordan - Argh! Ok fine…just stop teasing. You know I hate this. Let us just stop fighting like Urie and Urbun.

Lisa - Haha... we got you again.

Sass - Anyways Jordan you have to go now. This is not a boy's sleepover. My friends will be here any minute and I do not want any rumor going around again.

Lisa - This is going out of mind. Stop it.

Sass - mean I should let your brother stay. Are you serious? There were some rules. Oh forget how will we win the competition of getting fancy stuff and winning the lake view spot for shooting our videos.

Jordan - What are you talking about.........are you running away with that gang.

Lisa - No..............never it is a secret.

Sass - Yes, now please go they will be here any minute.

Jordan - OKay.........I am going.

Lisa - How nicely did we prank should have seen him.

Sass — Ok now everyone is coming.

Tia - So how was the prank.

Lisa - It worked like we thought it would.

Sass - Yes it worked absolutely perfect.

Sophie - But why to tease him, Tia?

Tia and Sass(shouting together) - FOR FUNNNN

Lisa - My brother is very naughty and mischievous.

Suddenly, they hear some strange noise.

SPELL- Boom....... Hello, welcome to Dilly Villa.

Everyone - Where are we?

Lisa - I have no idea...maybe some spell.

Sass - Yes…these days many people are being captured in spells due to AI technology.

Sophie - should we get out now.

SPELL - Welcome to Dilly Villa. Over here you will get to experience all but one of your fantasies. Remember once you have wished for the one you cannot change it. Our maid Miss Cherry will lead you to the rooms and you shall get ready and tell us your fantasies.

Miss Cherry - has been so many years since I have got a guest. Please come, it would be an honor.

Sass - At least..........we reached a very fun place.

Miss Cherry - Come on children.....we have to go now and tell the Spell your fantasy.

SPELL - Good to see you, children. Have you decided?

Sass - Yes, my fantasy is to be a space scientist and make a rocket that will go to the sun.

Lisa - My fantasy is to dance on my own choreography.

Sophie and Teresa - Our fantasy is to become an actress and actors for the movie” So What”.

Miss Cherry - Meet Mia. She is your guide to all the fantasies.

Mia - Hello........Cheerios! Ok, so let's get started. I want Sophie and Teresa to open this door and come with me.

Miss Cherry - Meet Dave. He is your fantasy guide to all fantasies.

Dave - Reporting for the mission. I want Commander Sass to come with me and open this cupboard.

Miss Cherry - Meet Jane. He is your guide to all the fantasies.

Jane - Oops s daisy. Hello Lisa........come with me towards this pool and jump in it.

SPELL - Now they will get to know their true fantasies. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Miss Cherry - Are you sure we did the right thing by doing this to this innocent and lovely girls.

SPELL - It is exquisite and excellent.

Meanwhile, over there all the girls were traveling to their fantasies.

Everyone is traveling to their fantasies and out of the blue, someone knocks on the door. 

Sass - Yay......launch the rocket.

Teresa - Stop it was all a dream which can never come true.

Lisa - But how could we all dream the same.

Jordan - Girls...I have been trying to ring you up for the past 20 minutes. Where were you?

Sophie - This means that it was all true and not a lie.

Sass - Yes......Jordan you have to come with us.

Jordan - Okay! But where are we going and what is this going on? Mom and Dad are waiting for us and, Teresa you have to wait at Sass's as your parents are gone somewhere and you too..................!!!!!!!

Where has everyone gone too.

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