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Bhagirathi Mohanty

Drama Classics


Bhagirathi Mohanty

Drama Classics

The Surrogate Mother

The Surrogate Mother

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      Her final exam was on progress. She did exceedingly well in all papers. If she could. do satisfyingly fine in the last paper no one would contravene her from getting first class in post graduate degree. Her rickshaw puller father's toil would not go fruitless.

    Since her childhood she shone brightly despite her poorly conditions for which her peers were anvioous of her. She borrowed books from lending library.    She had a pair of shoes and uniform. She used redidues of the last year exercise books. In no way she was equivalent to her counter parts except deafting them in her class performances. Her brain was superior to all in every respect.

    This is what you tell sudden turn of fate. With the demise of her father her mother was attacked 

from fongal infection.

She was in the hospital for days and recovered from it having lost her eyes.

    What is then? Genious Suprabha lost all hopes of appearing the administrative services examinations after she obtained P. G degree successfully. The situation was so grave that it was difficult for them to arrange substantial meal a day.

   She was barely in need of a job. But where lakhs of educated young people are struggling for it she will be lost among them. Her family was on the verge of going out for begging. A news was on the run: Wanted a surrogate mother.

      It was a ray of hope in sheer darkness. This advertisement opened new ways of relax from the present situation. She noted down the address in her cellphone.

      On arriving in the right place she took the authorised person to link him up. She had to go through many channel to get connected with the required youngster. They talked with each other keeping suitable distance.

      The young man asked straight," I am in want of a spinster who will clench my sperm in the prenatal chamber and present me fairly a baby boy. You may make an agreement ;I have no objection."

     "I have also no objection what ever you allow but it must be genuine. "

    The youngster was in dilemma. He was satisfied finding a clever spinster for his motive.

      In supposition he said,"You have to put forward the wanted amounts keeping an eye for the baby you delivered;a girl or boy. "

        Intelligent Suprabha answered," My business is confined to hand out you a baby whether your sperm responses a girl or baby boy. In such a case I am un done. "She rose up and started to walk

      Uday, the youngster called her from behind and asked,"I am ready to give what ever amount you demand . Please , come back. We will discuss"

      She said hard ,"No

discussion, only say the amount", She asserted

    Uday gave her the cheque of five lakhs in advance.

    Before leaving the house she assured him he did not need to call in her she would come in time.

   After her departure Uday calculated the bait he granted was more than sufficient to come to his grip.

   Brilliant Suprabha utilised the money for her family needs as well as for purchasing O. A. S. related books for the up coming introductory exam. In case Uday wanted her surrogacy she would shift the date.

      After a month or two Uday called in her to co-operate him with the procedure.

     She said strongly "According to our discussion I told you I would communicate you in time it was only a month after you conferred me. Please, wait for me a month I will consult you". She cut the phone. After she delinked the phone she thought for a moment ,It was not wise to avoid Uday , the son of a manufacturer. He might put her in to any kind of perils. Even though she would make her dream a practice. She was highly ambitious and confident that she would attain her goal at any cost.

    In the introductory examination she did more than she aspired.

    It is time she would keep up her promise. She went with readiness to Uday to capture his sperm.

    Before going to scientifically owning the sperm in her prenatal chamber she asked him, "Can you please help me know doesn't your wife able to present you a baby ?"

   Uday regretfully said, "Sorry to say you that the method of owning an embryo in the uterus and give birth to it is cimber some process to which my wife is disagreed. More over, she is afraid that delivering a baby is loss of beauty to which she gives first priority.   I didn't pressurise her and advertised for a surrogate mother."

    He took her to Rita , his wife. She was over whelmed to see her. She embraced her and asked, "What made you agree to this plan to be a surrogate mother possessing such an amazing mein?"

     Suprabha didn't want to expose her personal life before her and remained silent.

     Uday came in the middle and disturbed their talk and said ," I regret Suprabha, we haven't time for conversation as we have to go to the hospital for the process to start with. "

    Suprabha, revered Rita and followed Uday. on the way to the system she was engrossed in thought. Before marrying to a hand some young man and making a baby of her own she was bound by situation to hold the sperm of another youngster. No sooner does the baby she gave birth to will be Uday's. Two drops of tears rolled down her eyes.

   The procedure continued and his semen placed in her uterus. She remained in the cabin for a week for some extra treatment. Then she was relieved. She was paid another two lakhs cheque.

   The burden was double for her: the embryo and her preparation for prelim examination.

    In course of time, Suprabha delivered a baby girl. , She let it know to Uday by phone . She said, "congratulations! you have a baby girl ".

     Sorrowfully he replied ,"I expected a baby boy from you"

" Ask your supermatic fluid for satisfactory answer. I shall hand out her as soon as she left my care "She delinked the phone.

     She was such a buddy that she kept weeping day and night.   She was bound to apply opium for at least four to five hours sleep. once she fell ill seriously. She took the help of specialists. They demanded more and more money for her treatment. In such a crucial time she contacted Uday. Immediately ,he transferred one lakh rupees to her account.   After a tireless efforts the baby was recovered.   For some days her preparation for the preliminary examination was held up.   But she recouped it very soon.

      The money he sanctioned for her like a palm of water from the ocean.   There was no way left except asking Uday for a cheque of five lakhs.

   He laughed and said '"Not five ,but ten will be granted to you in substitute of a baby boy. "

 "It is peculiar suggestion you made. Am l a son making machine?  But I can assure you that after Sukanya , your daughter grows up I may carry your seminal fluid and try for the second time to give you a baby son. "

    In the long run, five lakhs were transferred to her account.

       The money  was spent for her family and   Preliminary examination.    

      This time she also did pretty well.

   Sukanya had left her thighs. She had to hand over to her father.    Can she do so? Truely speaking she is hers.   But to her Ill-luck she is a surrogate mother She controlled her tears and went to him with his immediately after, she committed her the baby she returned without a word.

       The result was declared in time. She was successfully passed out. Now the declaim test. She also did marvelous and tremendous in the oratory test Her place of posting was in the interior part as B. D. O

     When she was about to be ready with his luggage Uday arrived there demanding his money back or surrogacy.

   Suprabha laughed and said, "It is time to rejoice as due to your mercy I have been able to get a chance to join as a Block Development Officer.  After joining I will return to you and join in the operation.

     She did what she told.    She appeared.   before Uday and requested him to start the procedure. He was surprised and pleased with her.  The spermatic fluid was put in the uterus.

    Suprabha went to her place of work.   After nine months  she delivered a baby boy. Uday was over joyed.   He bought for her valuable ornaments to which she refused saying, "All these jewelries are for your wife.   I am not your wife. "

"But I want to marry you"

      "No, I am just a surrogate mother and remain the same till I can help youngsters to keep their wives cheerful to preserve their beauty at the cost of spinsters like us"

   She was wailing as long as the car was out of sight.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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