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Vadiraja Mysore Srinivasa

Drama Romance Classics


Vadiraja Mysore Srinivasa

Drama Romance Classics

The Counselor

The Counselor

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The counselor looked with disdain at the young couple who forgot where they were; they were busy hurling accusations against one another without taking breath.

Finally, exasperated, the counselor held up her hand and virtually shouted at the couple to stop.

The young couple stopped and looked at the counselor.

"Do you know a simple rule that should govern every married couples' life? When husband shouts, wife should listen; when wife shouts, the husband should listen, else, neighbors will listen. It is almost half-an-hour since both of you came to my cabin. All I did was ask you only couple of questions. Rest of the time, I am sitting and watching you both hurl accusations one after the other!

Husband and wife should communicate; but you guys are competing to speak.

Any way, I have a job to do. So, guys, please tell me whether yours is arranged or love marriage?"

The man looked at his wife and wife looked at the counselor and spoke. "Mam, ours is a love marriage. We were… in relationship for over 2 years before we got married."

"And, who proposed? Is it you, Vivek?" asked counselor.

Vivek smiled sheepishly and said, "No mam. It is Arti who did. I somehow didn't have the courage to ask her. She knew I badly wanted to propose but couldn't. So, one day, she did."

"Hmmm and you have been married for just over a year, yes?" The counselor looked at Arti and Vivek. They both lowered their and nodded their head.

The counselor heaved a sigh and spoke.

"As per prevailing rules, you can't get divorce the day you file for it. In fact, the family court has been set up not with the intention of providing divorce at the drop of a hat, but help couple to reconcile and live with each other. First and foremost, it must be really impossible for a couple to live with one another; unless there were issues like physical abuse etc. Is there something like that between you guys?"

Vivek looked at Arti and spoke. "No mam. We have our differences and argue and fight endlessly but we never got in to physical fight or injure one another." Arti nodded her head in affirmation.

The counselor heaved a sigh of relief. "Ok. Can you, Vivek, explain what's are the three important reasons that you can think of, for seeking divorce from your wife?"

Vivek looked at the counselor and then at his wife and shook his head. "Actually, mam, you should ask this question to Arti. Honestly, I wanted to patch up differences we have and continue. But…."

Arti barged in. "Yes mam. I am the one who is suffering more and hence, I proposed that we part our ways. Adjust? How? For one or two days yes. But, I don't think I can adjust with Vivek for the rest of my life."

"Ok Arti. You can answer my question which I asked Vivek. Tell me three things."

"Three? I can list three hundred mam."

The counselor cut the sentence in half; "No. Three will do."

Arti didn't think for too long.

She started with Vivek's behaviour of taking his own time in decision making. Despite her pressure, not been able to get rid of his friends who were causing needless pain instead of helping. Always ignoring her advice. Going out of his way to help his brother-in-law who is a good for nothing guy; not planning anything including financials. Insulting her parents by not meeting them often and not speaking one word whenever they stay with them… Oh… she went and listed not three but many.

Exasperated, the counselor looked at the couple and smiled.

"Look, first and foremost, the very fact that Vivek is not like you but different in his thinking, approach, attituded etc., is what attracted him. Am I right, Arti?"

Arti just nodded her head.

"You see, small things which you either ignored or never paid attention when you were friendly, suddenly become mountain hill when you are married. Instead of pointing out mistakes at each other, you should be grateful to god that both of you are not similar in your personality. You should compliment one-another so that you can fill the void that exists in both of you. Arti, Vivek, you may think that your type of personality is best and anything that doesn't go your way, you think is wrong. It is easier said than done. But, none of us have choice. 

You see, best way to find a solution is by talking it out. Yes, Vivek is introvert. I can understand. So, you take the imitative, Arti."

Arti, waited till the counselor finish and then spoke, a bit harshly. "mam, thanks for the preaching. I am very well aware of everything you said and… tried it too, many times. But…" Her voice trailed off.

The counselor looked hard at both and then said.

"Ok. Next meeting will be one-to-one. We will meet, say, Saturday with you Arti first. And then Vivek. After those two meetings, if still nothing can be worked out, I will recommend divorce. Ok?"

The counselor stood up indicating the meeting is over.

Both Vivek and Arti stood up and went out. 

Even as the counselor watched for her from her first floor window, Arti didn't sit next to Vivek who was driving the car but preferred to sit in the back seat.

The counselor took out her hand bag and removed a photograph of a young man who was smiling; even as she held it in her hand, few droplets of tears fell from her eyes.

A wry smiled crossed the counselor's face. She was determined to ensure history not repeated.

On Saturday, the counselor went to her office a bit late and when she entered her cabin, she could see Arti sitting there frowning.

The counselor didn't apologize; she had her own reasons for coming late.

It was agreed that Arti will come at 10 followed by Vivek who will visit after half an hour later to discuss things with Arti

Once they started, Arti, as her usual self, went on and on with her laundry list of dislikes and deficiencies of Vivek.

Suddenly, the counselor's mobile phone rang.

Even as she answered the phone, the counselor's face went black; "What? When? Oh my God. Which hospital did you say? Oh…… I…. don't know… but … yes…will send immediately." She kept the phone on the table and sat down ever so slowly even as tears started trickling from her eyes.

Arti looked at the counselor with alarm and stood up.

"Mam? What happened? Is everything all right?"

The counselor stood up too and put her hand on Arti's shoulder and spoke in a shaking voice.

"I am sorry Arti. I just got a call from some one who has admitted your husband Vivek to hospital. It seems Vivek met with an accident and is unconscious. Some stranger took his mobile and seeing my number in appointment screen, called me. He had been admitted to hospital in critical condition."

Arti just couldn't believe what she heard. Her legs shaking, she sank in her seat and started crying.

The counselor hugged Arti and consoled her and took her out and called a helper to get taxi for Arti to visit the hospital.

Even as Arti's cab sped away, wiping her face, the counselor went to her cabin to wait for her next patient.

She need not had to wait for long.

Vivek walked in to her cabin and the counselor, who was ready with her tear filled eyes, repeated the scene and to Vivek' s surprise, volunteered to go along with him in his car to visit Arti, who is lying unconscious in the hospital!

By the time the counselor and Vivek reached the hospital, the counselor's friend was holding Arti in front of ICU telling her emergency operation is being done on injured Vivek.

When both of them walked in, Arti, looking at Vivek who was walking towards her, ran and hugged him tightly while crying.

The counselor looked at the couple and spoke smiling broadly.

"You see my friends? We need a crisis to understand the real feeling we have for one another. I knew, by looking at both of you that there is a true love inside both you. That's why I created this scene.

You just need to go away on a holiday and enjoy each other's company for few days and not…to the court!

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