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saravanan Periannan

Drama Romance Classics


saravanan Periannan

Drama Romance Classics

The Power Of Love

The Power Of Love

7 mins 234 7 mins 234

All the characters and the incidents in the story is fictious and not to hurt anyone.

Time 4:30 am 

place trichy

Date 11/2/2016

The residents of the city are still sleeping in the winter of December.

Ankith wake up at that early morning and goes to his mirror and sees picture of Mithra pasted in it and gets drops of tear in his eyes that falls on his cheek.

He moves out of the house and starts jogging to a nearby gym.

The gym trainer raja,an old man of 57 stood at the entrance of the gym and ankith wished him good morning trainer and entered inside the gym and sat for some time to make his breathing rhythm normal and started his warm up.

Then started his exercises and working in the equipments in the gym.

Time 6:00 pm

Place chennai

Date 13/2/2013

The students of MIT are enjoying their evening at hostel and speaking about valentine's day and the story of Saint valentine who went to war instead of a man who wanted to marry the girl he loved.

They spoke about entry time in hostel and left for vijay's movie thalaiva in Sathyam theatre.

The gang consists of ankith, Gowtham, jp and Sunthar.

They saw a girl from their college in theatre along with her friends.

Gowtham slowly asked ankith did you see the girls and ankith replies no but he was looking at Mithra who is smiling and speaking with her friends.

She suddenly slaps a fellow who bumped  her friend and that fellow puts his head down and others sees him and comments.

Ankith imagines himself in that fellow's place and rubs his cheek.

Gowtham, Sunthar,jp sees ankith and laughs.

After the movie,they enter the hostel and speaks about the song vanganna vanakangana sang by vijay and sleeps well.

Ankith and Mithra develop a fight in library because ankith takes a book and the pages fall down and Mithra fights with ankith for damaging the book.

Then ankith says sorry and takes it to library mam and sticks the pages in book.

Ankith ask Mithra can we be friends and Mithra says do not try to make friendship with me.

Time 11:00 AM

Date 14/2/2016

Place trichy

Ankith goes to a house with music CD's and enters it.

Ankith sees a old woman drinking coffee and when she see ankith and she welcomes him weeping and shows him the room and he enters it.

He hears the sound from cardiac monitor besides mithra's bed and takes a chair slowly puts it in front of her and sits on it.

 He weeps silently and ask Mithra do you remember this day and its previous day three years ago and laughs along with tears from his eyes.


This is the small song I wrote for you and I have stored it in this CD listen to it now.

The first time I saw you

Smiling and laughing

It made me happy

I cannot say the reasons 

Why I liked you.

Mithra,Mithra ra la la la  

I like you so much

 I like you so much 

You are the beauty in the world 


Because you care for all.

Ankith gets up from the chair and goes to his room and closes it.

Date 14/2/2013

Place mayajaal,chennai

Time 7:56 pm

Ankith along with jp leaves for mayajaal since Mithra and her friends was there,this information was passed by one of mithra's friend.

Ankith got a novel written by dan brown and jp asks it's name and ankith replies the da Vinci code and ankith sees his gift box covered with pink cover and a bouque filled with flowers and suddenly they hear sound of claps and noise from girls and they see a young man putting a ring on the fingers of Mithra and ankith shatters.

Ankith walks sadly and jp runs calling ankith wait da.

Ankith enquires about the lover of Mithra and he comes to know he is a software engineer and mithra's brother's friend.

Ankith enquires about his character that he is good or bad and he comes to know he is a gem of man.

Jp tells ankith not everyone is good and not everyone is bad in the world.

Say to yourself this is reality and concentrate on studies da.

Next morning,ankith takes the book to present it to Mithra.

Jp again has to run behind calling ankith wait da.

He stops Mithra and presents the gift and she gets puzzled.

She ask for what and ankith say today it is your birthday and many more happy returns of the day and this is a gift from me,jp,Gowtham and Sunthar.

Ankith tells the girl who informed the place where Mithra came to stay quiet by moving his  index finger such that only that girl can see.

Date  23/4/2016

Place   one of the garage in Besant nagar,chennai

Time 5:15 am

Ankith jogs into the garage and sees a person tied in a chair in it and enters into it and the person moves his head to convey he is kidnapped and ask him to help in escaping.

Ankith moves close to him and pulls a nearby iron chair with scratching sound and sits in it and hits the person with his fist.

Ankith stares at him and opens the plaster from his mouth and ask him why did you hit Mithra and her lover that day with rods brutally.

That fellow says I did not and I am not the one and who are you first.

Ankith gets a rod from his friend in garage and hits the goon hardly in his feet and he shouts.

He starts to say ankith that they are the people working in a company and will kidnap children from the areas and sell them to the agents all over the nation.

Date 14 August,2015

Place AZ school

Time 7:09 pm 

We saw some small children waiting there outside our target was to kidnap some of them and give it to the agent.

I easily got hold of one child and asked another child to come because your father is also at a place where his father is.

That child asked tell me the password that my daddy told to you and that is the password only I and daddy know along with the persons who my daddy sends to pick up me.

I blabberd and my friend came there quickly and slapped the child and carried him away to the car.

The watchman saw us and started running behind us.

Now ankith thinks of what happened that day.

 ankith,Mithra and her lover went to that school to check for the presentations to be given by us in the auditorium and the watchman told what happened and Mithra asked for the boys photo and the watchman said I do not remember it have the boys photo but I remember the face of a criminal and took his photo and showed the photo of that criminal.

Mithra's lover with the help of his NGO organisation searched the boys along with the help of police.

Mithra and her lover signed the complaint and finally police get them arrested.

Police makes them reveal all the details and government makes a special team to search for the lost children.

Then ankith suddenly hears the sound of that fellow bringing him back to reality that they went there to beat Mithra and her lover but they did not and someone had already beaten them.

Ankith had strengthend his body to fight the criminals who are the reason for the current state of mithra and remembers the incident

Date 7/11/2015

Time 6:07 pm

Place hospital in Chennai

Ankith reaches the place after knowing that Mithra and her lover was beaten by a gang.

The lover of mithra was counting his last hours informed the doctor and ankith went inside that room with tears and said ankith to take care of mithra and ensure her happiness and makes his last breath.

Ankith hears about mithra's condition of injuries in head and her coma condition.

Date 20/12/2016

Place Mithra's house,trichy

Time 6:00 pm

Ankith enters mithra's room after knowing she has finally came out of coma and joyfully looks at her.

Ankith sits in a chair near mithra and she tries to move away in the bed Shivering and ankith try to hold  her hand but she shivers further and closes her face.

Ankith ask mithra what happened,I am here to take care you and here to show love to you but you are seeing me and fearing why?

Mithra says what happened 

Date 7/11/2015

Place a open land 

Time 12:00 pm

Mithra and her lover was on their way to temple and a gang of men stopped them on their way and pulled mithra with them.

Mithra's lover tried to stop them but they hit him with iron rods and injure him severely.

Mithra says I was physically assaulted that day and they hitted me  with iron rods.

The last words I heard before going entirely into coma was that my lover had informed doctors to not reveal this truth to anyone and treat her to make her health condition normal but this loving fellow could not live long.

Mithra cries and ankith affectionately says mithra ,I am here to show the love and happiness that you lost days back.

I love you mithra and will you marry me?

Mithra grabs the hand of ankith and cries.

Ankith wipes out the tears of Mithra and they both smile after long time and ankith thinks in his mind that the soul of lover of Mithra will be happy watching this from heaven.

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