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Bhagirathi Mohanty

Tragedy Classics Others


Bhagirathi Mohanty

Tragedy Classics Others

The Mad Boy

The Mad Boy

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After heavy showers of rain artificial streams had been created. Not caring the constantly falling huge drops Rudra was sailing his paper boats _ clapping and dancing. He was actually enjoying to the maximum while others were onlookers.

People were passing by him with umbrellas in their hands. But nobody asked him about his worst condition as he saturated in the rain. His stepmother shut up the door for him and luxuriated hot coffee prepared in the oven. His father was away at the office. Most often his brain was running to Rudra whose wickedness he knew would fabricate a problem for him in such ràin fret day. He was positive his wife would not mind his abnormal activities.

Owing to incessant rain the office ran halfway. Sanjay commences starting his bike to his residence .on the entranceway to the Mahala the street was over flooded with water. He marked one thing special that a dozen of paper boats were floating over the artificial stream water. He picked up one out of them. As the letters were illegible he took much pain to read those. in bold letters were written_ Rudra. Very quickly he could visualize what might be the fact. In his gateway home, he found Rudra floating paper boats soaked in the rain. He dragged him inside and cleared out water from head to heel with a towel. He çalled for a glass of hot milk but no milk was available. He wanted to know how much milk Manisha consumed for coffee.

Manisha answered carelessly," It is innate that in such a rain worry day milk is essential for coffee. In my Aristocats family milk was always available for coffee.,"

" Couldn't you keep half? a glass for Rudra? Recollect, when the marriage talk was in progress you and your parents promised to bring up my son like your son. How soon you failed to remember it! In my absence, he undertakes whatever he wishes. But sorry to say you turn a deaf ear to it. You spend the maximum of your time in face pack and Facebook. My son is my only hope. If he goes useless I'm shattered.

Manisha said," The fact is that I pledged for demanding no siblings but I can't control my sensation. It is a human tendency. I am not satisfied with artificial sexuality."

" So that you fail to look after Rudra. I think if you bring a child into the world you will fail to recall that Rudra has any relationship with you. I recommend your feelings but request you look after (I don't say mine) but our Rudra.

Nonetheless, she cares for Rudra. He has no timing for anything. when he goes to the bathroom one doesn't know when he will open the door. When he goes outside no one can predict what will be his time of returning back home. He hears every single thing but forgets the next moment. He does not get attached to anything. Eating food and eating nothing does not bear any meaning. to him. Getting punishment or reward nothing matters to him. His ways of behaviour astonish all. Everybody takes him as a being from another world. His world is his own. One day the unmindful Manisha was in absorption when Rudra didn't appear till evening. He got home long hours after his father outstretched home. His father was wandering like whirlwind in search of him. It was the right opportunity for Manisha to take advantage of it.

She induced," Now tell me, my dear, how can I guide such a disobedient boy? He is always a cause of my headache. Take him with you. I am foiled ."

It was eight, right at the clock when someone knocked at the door. Darkness spread everywhere except in the heart of Rudra. His father responded to the call. Just as soon as he unbolted the door his pleasant surprise knew no bounds. He hugged and pated him in tears.

With a smile, Rudra said, "Papa, do you know I have scaled the river to an unreachable distance. I took bath to my heart's content."

" Where is the river? Is there a river flowing beside the locality ?" He asked amazingly

" Yes, there is a river which flows musically. You know, distance is a relàtive word and a mindset. Papa, hàve you not even oñce swam। in the river? Is life not a river which flows into the ocean of death?"

He was fascinated with the philosophy of his son. Whatever people may believe about him but Milan, his father couldn't take in to consider him unlikable an। Ordinary boy. His inquisitiveness is nevertheless a far dream. He did not believe like humans that he was mad.

At school teachers praise him for the initiates his classmates to do something new. In the science stream, he did exceedingly well in his college days.

His stepmother was burning in anger and enviousness while she learnt that (according

to her) the mad boy reflected in àll spheres.

Her only obsession was that her only daughter Mitali did worst in all papers. Milan didn't question her worst doing. Neither did he praise Rudra nor blamed Mitali. He knew'as you saw, so you reap.'

As Manisha held a stepmother's attitude she disliked Rudra to die from snake biting or thunderstruck him. She tortured him beyond belief. All of the family members except Rudra ate delicious dishes. He tried his best to prove him mad. In actual fact, he was mad after his goal. He made a lot of scientific inventions. He was awarded for inventing new ways of irrigating farmland without electricity. It was a separate kind of hand pump. which was praised at the international level. He was called by N.A.S.A to execute it. Henceforth people called him the distinguished mad.

Milan acknowledged him," You are the glory of India . I'm proud of you . I bow down my head before you, my son".while the whole Mahala tended to make a welcome ceremony for Rudra Manisha was shedding tears for her daughter as she did pathetic in all exams. On that particular day, she misbehaved with him less than a beast. On that specific day, she demanded fifty. perçent of the property nonetheless she would take it to the court.

Just at the time. Everybody kept themselves busy in celebrating for Rudra; rejoicing, dancing, Manisha was boiling in anger. But Mitali headed towards the spot where people were taking pleàsure in marching in the mahala street. She congratulated her brother, garlanded him and wished him the best.

Nevertheless, it was a trauma for him. The so-called kaiki claimed it to be dissolved immediately.

She sat in the corner of the bad room and thought how cruel the lady was!

After the end of the celebration just as soon as Rudra returned back home he found his father weeping destitutely

He asked him, "What makes you weep Papa?"

Milan tried to convince him," it is my personal problem. Don't bother about it ."

Rudra thought personal supremacist. In such a small family there should not be any private complication. He saw his mother in a dull appearance. The next day, he repeatedly asked him about the stress he faced.

This time he opened his mouth," your stepmother asks for half of the property. "

"Property! Stepmother! Is she not my own mother?. You hid it from me! Have you any property? Where is it?" He took a long breath. If she wants it, give her the full not half"

Milan burst into tears immediately upon he espied his son's broad-mindedness.

He inspired him, "when life is transitory what is the use of wealth? You know wealth is the cause of dispute. In order to live happily don't be displeased when it departs from you."

At the moment Mitali was conceded regarding this she awakened, "Are you not the part of this family? one day everyone will leave you. Whom do you love the property or us? Brother will be leaving for research work in N. A.S.A. Father has decided to give you fifty per cent possession of you. Just see how your life will turn hell."

Since then not a person in the family talked with her. After his retirement, Milan returned back to his village. Mitali got married. Rudra possessed the highest position in the scientific team. He was the head of space science. He remained unmarried.

Time turned round and round. Manisha built an edifice in the town. and became a a man who had lost his wife. But Sanjay didn't marry. He sold his share of possession and opened a school for the blinds and taught them for his self-satisfaction.

But Rudra was imprisoned in a room as he was mad because of his deeply entangled with himself in learning. He was given the most prestigious award for his dedication to space science. Just as soon as he was given the award he jumped from the platform with a gigantic laugh and turned unconscious.

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