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Shazia Kazmi

Tragedy Drama


Shazia Kazmi

Tragedy Drama

Accidental Love....

Accidental Love....

11 mins 508 11 mins 508

"I have seen so many lovers in my life, sacrificing their love but never saw anyone like you landing in prison that too for his love," said Anna. Rakesh smiled and replied, "Anna you will never understand my love for her".

"Yes, how can I understand," said Anna and started chewing paan, "But tell me one thing you are here from past two months, I never saw any girl coming to meet you. Was it one sided?"

"No, her love for mine is unconditional but I don't have the courage to face her. She is unaware of me being in prison. Before coming over here I made her promised never to look out for me again". said Rakesh and wiped away his tear.

"Son, I am not getting your point. What crime you have committed?Why are you keeping yourself away from your love?"asked Anna.

Rakesh sighed and said, "This is my punishment Anna, I don't have the courage to face myself also". It seemed Rakesh got lost in his past.

OCTOBER 10, 2018. . . . .

"I was on nine cloud that day, my hard work was repaid and I got promotion. I was planning for an evening party with my friends. My parents who stayed in other town were more excited to find a suitable bride for me more than my promotion. I was already ready for arranged marriage because I used to think love at first sight is only a myth, there is no such thing called "A perfect love story".

How can anyone fall for an unknown person and be ready to sacrifice everything just to make his lover life beautiful. I was in my own thoughts when my friend Sohan whispered to me to look behind. I wish if I would not have turned around then, my life would have been different. . just an ordinary one. I turned back and saw her. . . . yes, she was right in front of me. She wore burqa with her face covered except her eyes which reflected her innocence.

"Wait a second what you said?"Burqa?" You fell in love with a muslim girl" said Anna amusedly.

"Anna even I never expected about this but it's all written in destiny. I got to know her name "Humairah Anwar". She used to work in a children's NGO. My life took a turn from that day, I don't know what connection I felt with her. I started believing on love at first sight. One Sunday morning I decided to visit her NGO. when I reached there there was some programme going on. I was figuring out what to do , then suddenly my heart skipped a bit, she was standing there in front of me.

"Excuse me sir, are you our new member?I am not able to recognize you? Please tell me your name so that I could give you your alloted seat". said Humairah.

"I. . . . . . . Rakesh stumbled.

"Humairah come here" a voice came from behind. I sighed a relief.

"You know Anna I never felt that much nervousness in my whole life. I didn't even know that I would ever hesistate to talk to a girl", said Rakesh.

"It happens son, till now I don't have the courage to argue with my wife", Anna sighed. "Then what happened?"How did you managed to talk to her?"

"I think God wrote in our destiny to meet that day. As I was walking out from hall Humairah rushed toward me from behind.

"Excuse me! what's your name?" she asked.

"Ra. . . . . I stopped in midway and suddenly said, "Rahman".

"But why did you lie?" asked Anna.

"I thought that she would not talk to me after knowing my real name. My story would end there only".

"Hmmm. . . . so why did she stopped you?"asked Anna.

"You will not believe it Anna she already knew me from past one month. She told me that she saw me in City hospital on the fees counter.

"Yes, I had came to admit a 6 year old girl there, she met with a small accident, "Rakesh said. "But what were you doing there?"

"That child was from my NGO. I immediately rushed towards hospital and while I was coming from her ward I saw you paying fees at counter. When I asked for the fees, the nurse pointed toward you and said that you had admitted the child and submitted her fees. I rushed towards you to say thanks but you left. You didn't leave any number nor your address. I didn't know your name, since that day I am praying to almighty to let me meet you for once and pay my gratitude, and see at last I met you", said Humairah and handed me an envelope. "Thank you for helping, "she smiled.

"Oh my god!that girl fell for you from beforehand", Anna said and grinned. "So what was in the envelope? love letter?"

"It was a thank you card from that child" Rakesh smiled.

We often started meeting after that. I kept my feelings till myself only, I was afraid my feelings could break our friendship. I was living a beautiful lie and I knew it could not last forever. I decided to confess her everything.

JANUARY 14 2019. . .

"Anna how can I forget this day, I didn't knew I would see her for the last time"said Rakesh. His eyes were filled with tears.

"What happened? "Did she not accept your proposal?" asked Anna curiously.

"We both met along a sea shore in evening. The breeze was smooth and it was quite chilling there. We decided to go for a coffee, while walking I was figuring out from where to start when Humairah started saying "Rahman I have something important to tell you. I don't know how will you react but I have to confess that I consider you more than a friend. I want to reveal before you my harsh truth". She lifted her hand and unveiled her face.

"So, how did she look?" Anna asked eagerly and came towards Rakesh. A drop of tear fell from Rakesh's eyes and merged with the wet mud on the floor. "Humairah's face was half burnt".

"That's why you left her?" Anna asked.

"No, Anna I loved her soul not her face. I was in love with the person she was. Those scars cannot change my feelings for her ever", said Rakesh. "I don't have the courage to tell you how Humairah got those scars". Rakesh started crying.

"Control son, just speak out what's inside you", Anna patted him and wiped away his tears.

Rakesh continued. . . . . . Humairah veiled her face again and said"I know what you are thinking. You were expecting a beautiful face inside this veil. But this is the reality Rahman, I am not beautiful, these scars had made my life hell, those men ruined my life. "

"I was in my graduation 2nd year in law college. I was one of that girl who use to enjoy each and every moment of life. I lived with my mother and my younger brother. I did not have big dreams. I was contented in my little world. One evening while I was returning towards home from college along with my brother a jeep came from behind us and stopped. 6 or 7 college boys were there in the jeep. All of them were drunk. My brother held my hand . I was prespiring and my heart skipped a bit when 2 boys got down and came towards us,

"Why are you wandering on a lonely road , you will get lost come with us, we will drop you", one of them said and pulled my hand. My brother came in between and they started fighting. I shouted for help but no one came to our rescue. . . . . . .

Rakesh was no more listening to her story. . . . he was lost. . . . he now clearly rememberd each scenario. . .

5 years ago. . . . .

"HELP. . . please somebody HELP they will kill my brother. . "a girl was shouting. I was getting irritated with her voice.

"Rakesh bhau' the boy is very stubborn he won't let us take that girl away" said Rana. I was sitting on the back of jeep in a drunk state , I lifted my hat and handed him a lighter "Spill the alcohol and burn him, and then take away the girl, if she resist then burn her too, I don't want any trouble".

I heard the spilling of alcohol and with half of my eyes opened I saw they set the boy alive on fire. I smiled evily and again heard some fainting voices... a girl shrieking, the boy's laughing out and the police siren. I couldn't remember what happened after that because I woke up in hospital after 2 days. My parents were worried for me. I couldn't understand how I landed up there, I was afraid that the police could turn out any moment and arrest me, but nothing happened.

I was discharged and went to home. I found out that the jeep in which our whole gang was met with an accident and all of them died on the spot. Luckily I got slipped on the road and escaped my death. I was relieved that I am safe now... this secret would be with me only. I was so selfish and mean at that time, I didn't bother to look out for any other news about my crime. I decided to move ahead leaving my past behind.

"What?"Anna said shockingly, the glass dropped from his hand and water fell on the ground. It seemed to be Humairah's tears which Rakesh wanted to wipe but. . . . . . .

"My brother was burning in front of my eyes and I couldn't do anything, "Humairah's voice strucked Rakesh's ear. She was crying, her voice was choked, "They even threw me in the fire but the police came on time and rescued us. After gaining consiousness I got to know that my brother couldn't survive and my mother got a heart attack after she got the news. I was broken from within. Everything just seemed to an end. I lost my identity and my family in one moment. My mother's co workers from NGO helped me at that time. They motivated me to set my new goal and leave behind my past. I was contented that my brother's murderer got their punishment the day itself. "It was tough for me Rahman but I found my happiness in these orphans. Humairah wiped away her tears and smiled slightly and continued, "I started hating men from that day onwards until I met you. I don't know why I got attached to you. My trust for you made me reveal this truth to you. "

"Then, did you told her the truth?"asked Anna.

"Anna, I thought I escaped my death, but this feeling is worse than death to face the one whom happiness you want but you already had snatched her smile. I am a murderer Anna, I am a murderer. "Rakesh cried. "How could I tell her the truth . How could I reveal to her the person whom she loves is her brother's murderer. . . I didn't have that much courage. It's better she hates me as Rahman than knowing my evil side.

I decided to leave that city and go away from her life but my guilt was against this, I was once again escaping the situation. I couldn't live with this harsh truth so I decided to surrender to repay my guilt. The police officer was amazed at my honesty, he said he never saw any criminal coming to confess for a crime that happened 5 years before. I asked him for only one favour that the girl should not meet me at any cost. I recieved a message from Humairah which read, " One of my brother's murderer was escaped, I came to know about this today morning when the inspector called and said he had caught him. He was the main culprit. . Rakesh. . . I wish that I would set him alive on fire. . . "

Anna sighed and said. "So you left her like this only, you did not inform her?"

Rakesh replied, "I wrote her a letter and told her I do not deserve her love. I am not the Mr. Right whom she is looking for. She deserves better. I am leaving from here so that she could move on with her life. Don't wait for me". The next day only I surrendered, I didn't have that much courage to face her"

"But whatever you had done that was past. I could see love in your eyes for her. She will forgive you, just talk to her once, Why are you destroying your life?" said Anna.

"I don't know Anna what's written in my destiny but I couldn't let her face this truth. She would shatter completely, my absence would affect her but at least she would not hate herself for loving her brother's murderer. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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