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Shazia Kazmi

Horror Thriller


Shazia Kazmi

Horror Thriller

A Strange Meeting

A Strange Meeting

4 mins

It was pretty late in the evening. Sanjana was walking down on a deserted street, she once more looked down at her watch. It was 10:30 p.m... one and a half hour more ... It was a bit long wait for her.

Sanjana who was a 2nd-year medical student met "Rahul " through facebook 2 years back. She was of very conservative nature that's why her friend circle was very small but when she started chatting with Rahul she almost felt compatible with him and after one year of friendship, they confessed their love for each other.

Rahul was a software engineer was working in Allahabad.

2 days back, he informed Sanjana of visiting Delhi and that they should plan to meet. He even sent her the location of the restaurant where they were supposed to catch up in the evening.

Sanjana was anxious to meet Rahul. Finally, after 2 years of long wait, she will meet face to face with her boyfriend. She reached the mentioned place at sharp time. She was eagerly waiting for Rahul to turn up any time.

But her excitement ...got cooled down ... as the time was slowly passing by. She waited for five solid hours, but nobody turned up ... Instead of going back, she did still have little hope that Rahul would come, therefore she decided to wait till midnight.

A taxi rushed past by her, Sanjana woke up from her sleep. She had almost slept on an empty bench which was beside the road. She checked the time,11:45 pm, she realised that no one would turn up now and decided to head back to her hostel.

Sanjana boarded a taxi after walking for a few distance, strange but there was already a passenger sitting in the taxi ... not because the girl's presence made Sanjana uncomfortable but the attire which the girl was wearing...  A bridal attire!

Sanjana quietly sat beside her, the other girl looked at her and gave her a big smile and suddenly asked," So he did not turn up?"

Sanjana, surprisingly looked at her...

The girl continued her talk," Hi, I am Mita. I can understand your situation! Actually, I left my marriage midway and came here to flee with my boyfriend... I mean it may sound weird but I never wanted this marriage!

And there I saw you at the restaurant, impatiently waiting for someone," the girl said with a suspicious smile...

"But don't be so harsh on yourself dear! You know all men are same, see my boyfriend ditched me! Now I don't have any other place to go. My parents would not accept me now! Relatives would comment bad things...I don't have courage to face all these things!  For instance a better option to run away from this hustle is  doing SUICIDE..!!

Sanjana became a bit confused with the girl's behaviour but then she calmly asked "How is it possible to end your precious life just because one person left you behind ??"

Mita said," you will not understand! When my heart has been already been shattered,  my trust has been broken ...then till when my soul will support my body, that too would leave me soon." 

"But you should at least talk to your parents," they are the one who raised you, adored you and would surely support you in your difficult situation. Think about them! Don't be so selfish!,"  Sanjana suggested.

"What about you ?? I can feel that someone broke your heart also, you are also in pain..," Mita asked.

"My case is different, I realised my mistake and now I am going on the right path, I know there would be hurdles but...I do have the courage to face them at least," Sanjana said confidently.

"You know, I am very much pleased to meet you !! I don't know but somehow I feel connected with you," replied Mita.

"You should go home! It's never too late! You can convince your parents," Sanjana said and smiled at her, she signalled the taxi to stop and stepped down from it.

Next morning was bright like other days but it was a new beginning for Mita, her parents had forgiven her. Though the marriage got cancelled, Mita didn't have any regret, she almost felt as free as bird! She did her morning chores and took a cup of coffee along with newspaper to the balcony. She looked at the headline of the newspaper which read: 

A 2nd-year medical student got brutally murdered in the capital.

Sanjana Sinha, a 22-year-old medical student whose dead body was discovered at the backyard of Tayagi Restaurant. She was brutally stabbed by the knife multiple times, by a guy named "Rahul Mishra ", who had earlier trapped many innocent girls in his game. He was part of a trafficking gang. Sanjana somehow got hold of his information and was heading towards the police station. Rahul stabbed her and was trying to hide the body in the backyard of restaurant , there he was caught up by the restaurant workers and was handed to the police."(continued - Pg 6)

But Mita did not have the courage to read further, the whole scenario of the previous night flashed before her eyes ...her meeting with a person who was not alive and moreover that spirit turning as a boon for her life!

 Because she fled from the marriage in order to elope with her boyfriend ," Rahul Mishra".

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