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Neha Singh Gour

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Neha Singh Gour

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The Rise Of The Gromans

The Rise Of The Gromans

7 mins 139 7 mins 139

Rohit was doing his Social Science homework and then suddenly his phone buzzed. He quickly picked up his phone and checked what type of cake they were buying for Ankit’s surprise birthday. But instead, it was Ankit himself telling Rohit to call his own number and see the miracle. Just for fun, he did it and surprisingly someone answered! It was an automated voice message and it said-

“Congratulations, lucky iPhone user. You might know that today is Roger Federer’s birthday and you can have a 15 minutes’ call with him. If not wanted press nine. Get it, nein, meaning no in German?”

His organs almost jumped out of himself! 15 minutes with his role model? He thinks this is a dream! But how will he get in contact with him? His phone was still off. Suddenly the phone turned on and a voice told- “Hello? Anybody on the line?” Rohit immediately replied and started asking Roger about his strokes and how he hit such pure slices and how he served so many aces. But for some reason, his answers didn’t appeal Rohit. He had watched almost every one of his matches and his shots didn’t seem to fit his descriptions. When he asked him his birth date he started with 14th Apr- and then switched to 8th August. Now Rohit knows that his friend Sujiths birthday is on 14th April and judging from the start of his answer he was going to tell 14th April. Rohit immediately talked in a coded language that only Rohit, Sujith, Ankit and Arnav knew and surprisingly the speaker replied. Then Rohit started walking to Sujiths house which was easy as he lived right next door. He walked up to his window and saw that Sujith had a voice-changing device held up to his mouth. Rohit asked ‘Roger’ “Where are you from?” in the call and he saw Sujiths lips move and the same words came out of Rohit's phone. He then put off the call and burst into Sujiths room and asked him how he was able to do all that stuff- answer Rohit's phone number and get the voice modifier.

Instead of answering he glowed blue and he spoke in a raspy female voice-

“Son of Minerva, the only one

Shall sail to Mumbai, India

For only he can restore peace

Between the Greeks and the kid's whore Roman

He shall travel with Diana and Athena

As they have the keys

To saving Rome and Greece!”

Rohit was shocked! How did Sujith know that he was a son Minerva, or that Greek and Roman's legends existed? Rohit immediately ran home and opened the secret chest which was concealed in his mattress. He immediately used the god caller which can call Greek and Roman gods. He called Diana(Greek-Artemis) and Athena. He thought of calling Minerva but then realized that if he called both Athena and Minerva at the same time, it will not work as they are almost the same person!


As soon as he called the goddesses they appeared and told “Hello Lone Roman”. All of them had been calling him ‘Lone Roman’ because he was the only Roman who was out in public. Everyone else had gone underground because the Greeks had attacked the Romans even after they signed a peace treaty. Rohit immediately explained to Diana and Athena about what had happened just before this and as soon as I finished, they exchanged dark looks. Athena told me- “About last week, when the Romans and Greeks were at fight, Apollo faded away. He faded away as no one was worshiping him and they were instead worshipping all the other 11 Olympians because lately, Apollos bow skills had gone from amazing to terrible. As he was the god of prophecy, no oracle could issue prophecies. That’s why all the gods had decided to give this job to Hades as he had the worst and least job in the Big Three and in the 12 Olympians. But Hades had started using this as a threat and whoever issued a prophecy would face very jolly times and very sorrow times. Now it is up to Diana and me to restore Apollo and to restore peace but we needed to be called down by a demigod to help. Diana has the tears of Apollo which will help save him, while I have an OPE which is the Oracle Power extractor. Now, all we need is 2 demigods blood- 1 Roman and 1 Greek. I have already taken a Greek in my crew and now all we need is a Roman but it was really hard to find one so we just waited for a sign and here we are. Now come with us. We have to get onboard the ASP-the Apollo Saving Ship.”


Rohit was quite worried for his friend, Sujith, but nevertheless he immediately held Athena’s staff so that he could be teleported to the ship and that’s where he went. It took only 23 hours to reach Mumbai as the ship was powered with 2 gods and 2 demigods. Rohit was not allowed to know who the Greek demigod was for some reason. When they reached Mumbai, they found themselves in front of the Gateway of India. Immediately Diana removed the tears of Apollo and pored them over the 4 corners of the gateway of India and then Athena walked up to Rohit and she made a nice, deep cut in both of Rohit's’ arms. She took 8 drops of blood, four from his left arm and 4 from his right, and sprinkled them on the 4 corners, with one drop of blood from each of the arms. Then she raised her OPE and immediately all the tears and blood raised up and turned into Apollo. Suddenly the water of the Arabian sea turned clear blue but then it turned back to dirty and mushy black. Apollo now, not only became the god of archery, music, dance, truth, prophecy, healing, diseases, the sun, and light, poetry but also became the god of Hygiene and the proof was the clearing of the water, even if it was momentary, but he was his connection with his grand-daughter being the goddess of Hygiene.


After that Apollo immediately disappeared and Rohit asked Athena why she had not taken the Greek Demigods blood and this was her reply-

“Rohit, you are not a Greek demigod and nor are you a Roman demigod because you know your mother is Minerva but your father is Poseidon the Greek god of the seas. I personally loath him but I just guess that Minerva has bad taste. You are supposed to be a god because both your sides are godly but you are part roman and part Greek and that’s what MAKES YOU THE GREATEST DEMIGOD IN HISTORY, and maybe in the possible future.”


Rohit immediately fainted and the next time he woke up; he was in the Roman/Greek Council where all the Greek and Roman gods sat. he had magically grown in size and had 1 leg on Poseidon’s armrest and the other on Minerva’s armrest. Immediately he started glowing gold and then both, his mom and dad spoke in unison-


“Son you have honored us with saving Apollo and the whole council agreed on making you a Groman God- part Greek and part Roman. Now you are a god who agrees with both Romans and Greeks. Now you can bring out the Romans from their hiding spot. You have closed the quarrel between Greeks and Romans and you have given birth to a new race, the Gromans! Now we would like to change your name from Rohit to Rovedan and we have made you the fore coming king of the gods, once all of us Greek and Roman gods fade away. As of now, you have taken over Kronos’s job and you are the new god of time!”


Rohit or Rovedan couldn’t believe his eyes, and frankly his ears. Immediately he felt the change and ability to do stuff that he couldn’t do as a human. He told-


“Gods, I am honored and stuff but can I just stay as Rohit because I don’t want to lose all my friends in the mortal world. Also, I don’t want to be the only Groman god. I would come back as soon as there are more of my kind. Please allow me to do this.”


The gods agreed with that and after that Rohit stayed Rohit but he was also Rovedan, the greatest of the Groman Gods and the first one to be one. He stayed mortal until there were more of his race and that was the next “race” of gods.

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