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Ananya Mahajan

Drama Classics Inspirational Fantasy Children Stories Abstract Comedy Tragedy Children Others


Ananya Mahajan

Drama Classics Inspirational Fantasy Children Stories Abstract Comedy Tragedy Children Others

A Little Incident by Mr. SPELLBOM

A Little Incident by Mr. SPELLBOM

3 mins 88 3 mins 88

Josie and Lucy were walking down the park. They were both very humble and innocent and afraid. They were just about to enter THE SPELLBOM palace to meet Mr. SPELLBOM. Suddenly, Josie saw a shadow lurking behind them, she was scared like I mentioned before. Let us see what they talked about.


Josie — Lucy do you see what I see.

Lucy — Huh! Josie what are you talking about. Wait, what is that?

Josie — Yee, maybe someday is following us.

Lucy — Oh! I am already frightened, let us just walk home.

Josie — No, let us run towards the forest maybe he will lose us theirs.

Lucy — But, that is the horror MORROR forest.

Josie — Do you want to live or die.

Lucy — I do not know.

Josie — Then come with me.

Lucy — Fine Miss Josie.


They quickly started running in the Horror Morror forest. BOOM BOOM BOOM


Lucy — Josie where are we?

Josie — I have no idea.

Lucy — Oh no, this forest is cursed.


Lucy — Wait, there is a riddle.

Josie — I am big when I am not with heat, I grow small when exposed to heat.

Lucy — Um....... maybe a candle I suppose.

Josie — Yee, the magic door has appeared.

Lucy — Look, we are in the future. That is you but where am I. Our parents are there too. Look, that is my friend Sam and Lupus.

Josie — Yes, there are our old friends from Kindergarten. But, why are you not there?

Lucy — There seems to be a funeral happening I suppose.

Josie — Wait........ it is written your name.

Lucy — That means it is my funeral.

Josie — But what happened. 

Lucy — No idea.......... but it seems something tragic.

Lucy and Josie start weeping and that attracts someone's attention.


Amanda — Hello, you look similar but shorter.

Josie — Who are you?

Lucy — Yes................please tell us.


Amanda — I am the younger sister of the late Lucy.

Lucy — Why late????????

Josie — It means someone who has died.

Lucy — What, I died so early.

Amanda — Come on............you were 40 years.

Josie — Do you know your sister properly, she is scared of death.

Lucy — Oh really........well then why did she give her life for the safety of you.

Josie — I do not know but something is strange.

Lucy — Well, if that is so.............then why am I scared right now.

Amanda — You should never be scared of anything...........Have you heard a quote by Ananya Mahajan If you ever feel scared and not ready to face something, Then remember to be brave and face it anyway''. 

Josie — But what happened.

Lucy — Yes..............please tell us. 

Amanda — Come on....... you do not want to know this. Ok, fine, I will tell. So yesterday, you both were going to the park to just remember the olden times when you saw a shadow behind you yet again and then you both started running and you reached the Horror Morror forest, and this time you went to the battlefield. Then, Josie fell into trouble and you gave your life to save her. 

Josie — But how did we get out.

Amanda — Every future you go you have to learn a moral so you learned a moral here right now so now the door will appear to take you back.

Lucy — Oh really............now I am not scared of death too.

Josie — See, over there is a door.

Lucy — Bye Amanda 

Josie — Bye Amanda 

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