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Top Manga Artist

Comedy Fantasy


Top Manga Artist

Comedy Fantasy

Dream Chase! (Chapter 1)

Dream Chase! (Chapter 1)

4 mins

My alarm clock was ringing furiously when I finally woke up to shut it, but then I realized that... I am late for school! My dad called out, "Honey! You're gonna be late for school!" I shouted, "I already know that!" I quickly brushed my teeth, put on my power glasses, changed my clothes and tied my long hair into two braids,  I actually wanted to take a bath too but there was no time for that.

 My dad called again, "Breakfast is ready you know!" I said, "For the second time I know that!" I rushed downstairs but fell before I reached the third step my father standing in front of me said, "Are you, alright honey? You know I've told you that don't run downstairs it's really dangerous especially when you are that clumsy" I said, "I KNOW THAT!!! Who did I get my clumsiness from huh?! And sorry" 

When I entered the dining room there was an extravagant breakfast ready for me, but this is usual but then again I love this, it's the reason I always get late for school if the breakfast was normal I would have to wake up 30 mins late than I do now and still make it in time.

I said, "Yuum! This is the best!" I was smiling brightly and enjoying my breakfast a lot but then I remembered again... that I was late for school! I said bye to dad and was on my way to school... running! I am Japanese but I have stayed in America for the past three years.

 If you are wondering where is my mother, whenever I asked dad he always made a sad expression and forced a smile, he said, "Your mother is making her dreams true so don't worry about her" I don't remember my mother's face but I do remember a pair of warm hands holding me and smiling brightly, I like to think it is my mother.

When I was deep I thoughts (which is rare) my childhood friend Karin Kawashima who moved here yesterday from Japan she said, "I am so happy!" I screamed then said, "That startled me!" Karin said, "Sorry but I am happy that I get to be with you again!" I said, "I know but... YOU DEFINITELY AREN'T AS HAPPY AS I AM, I MISSED KARIN ALOOOOT!" Karin chuckled 

I said, "Hey what are you laughing for?" She said, "Nothing it's just that you haven't changed at all have you? The same Cheerful klutz" I said, "I am not a klutz!" Karin said, "Yes yes," I said, "Karin!" She chuckled again and after that, I remembered again, I screamed, "Karin we are late for school!" Karin calmly said, "No we're not we will be able to reach in a car, so want a ride?" 

I said hugging Karin, " You're a lifesaver!" With Karin's car, we were able to reach school in no time. Karin said, "I have to meet the teacher and come in the classroom with her so I'll meet you there " and ran off to the staff room.

I went to our classroom 6-A, it was noisy and everyone was chatting with each other as usual I went and sat in my seat, Shirley (one of my friends, she has been in the same class with since the day I transferred here) came to me and said, " Good Morning!" I also said and smiled a bright smile, "Good morning!" We started talking about what we will have in lunch today when Mary (another one of my friends) came and said, "Hey did you watch Yesterday's Star TV episode?"

Shirley said, "I did! Karen Kawamiwa appeared in it right!" Star TV is a channel wherein each episode a celebrity appears, "Karen Kawamiwa" I thought a Japanese name and it's also pretty close to Karin but it couldn't be her.

Shirley said, "Karen Kawamiwa is Japanese so you also should have watched the episode yesterday! " I simply said, "No I am not interested, I find these kinda things boring now," Shirley said, "Exactly NOW! When you first transferred here you were a big fangirl of Japanese idols weren't you!"

I said irritated, "That was in the past now I find them boring!" Shirley gasped she said, "I only said it for you! I am not talking to you! " I realized I yelled on Shirley I said, "Oh come on Shirley I am sorry" she ignored me...

I sighed when the teacher came into the classroom she said, "Today we are going to have a new friend join us" then Nike asked, "Is it a girl or a boy?! " I knew who the person (Karin duh) was but I am not telling them hehe 

The teacher said, "Come in!" And Karin walked in a flowery aura was surrounding her she was really beautiful she said, "Kar-" when Shirley screamed, "Karen Kawamiwa! You are transferring here?!" I stood up and said, "No, her name is Karin Kawashima she is my childhood friend!" 

Karin smiled and said, "Sorry to not tell you... yes, I am an idol" Shirley said, "See! I told you" when Kari- no Karen said, " But Karen Kawamiwa is my stage name my real name is Karin Kawashima" Okay she is Karin again, I said, "Karin we need to talk..." 

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