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Jagori Sarkar

Romance Tragedy


Jagori Sarkar

Romance Tragedy

Crooked Hearts 8

Crooked Hearts 8

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Chapter 8

The language of romance is a bit confusing. It may either make situations good and flicker the flame of love and lifetime relationships or shatter the bonds due to misunderstandings. Chirag Avasthi was the second case. The initial like for Jaba never flickered any flames in him but the more he started talking, the more he was drawn to her.


The flame was burning in him but he was still not sure whether it was her. That day, when he met her in college near the gate she did not look at him! Why? Did he do something wrong? Was it her who called him? Or.. was all this fake? Maybe that day she hadn’t noticed him.


He was confused but kept speaking to her. He texted her daily and kept an eye on her. In different ways, in all places, whichever situation possible he started hinting at her that through his love messages, “Jaba .. it's me.. please tell me .. it was you??”


Well, in short, Chirag was now obsessed and suffering worse than Jaba since it was a pain that not even for once did she look at him. Did she start liking Pratik? Was this all a lie?


That day, he was busy with some work when another message came, “ Sir, do you remember me?”


Chirag was too frustrated.. so much that he started hating her for giving him this pain. He thought how could she ask him this when she didn't bother to even look at him. This is not her.. no .. no .. no .. Who is this? Who is her?


He texted back, “ Who is this?”


So, now for the readers who are totally confused with Jaba and Chirag’s ego and love games, I just wanted to tell you that they both as the name of this story goes had crooked hearts. Jaba was crushing on Chirag since she hardly knew him due to some kind gestures which she presumed to be the love she started liking and obsessing about him.

She did not think before telling him that she loved him that it will affect him too. For her, it was love that did not work since Chirag refused her and lied to her about being friends. She was living with the fact that her love was one-sided but with a small ray of hope that someday Pratik would tell her that he is not Pratik but Chirag, a sudden surprise. 

However, she forgot that to get reciprocation she had to go forward and talk to him face to face. She had to confront him at least once because he had just heard from her. He did not see her face and expression so that he could say or do something about it.


On the other hand, Chirag, who was liking Jaba, probably not crushing on her. He spoke about her to his friends then one fine day she calls him and things take a new turn in his life. He starts communicating as someone else and finds out that this girl whom he hardly knew really liked him so much or rather loved him. He wanted to face her but she completely ignores him. He never realizes that he too made some promises to her even though did not commit anything.


She wanted to talk to him and ..was talking to him.. in form of Pratik. She even texted in his actual number to know why he did not contact her when she already confessed her feelings to him. If just for once he would have called her and told her that he wanted to talk from his own phone, then, maybe. Jaba would have herself talked with him.


Jaba was fearing his reaction and was not at all sure about anything so she blatantly ignored him. It was too difficult for her to go and talk to him directly without any reason. Chirag was not sure whether it was actually Jaba.


He thought of taking the last chance. He knew that Jaba has told Pratik that if he would love her then she would leave. However, Chirag had to know the truth.


This woman whether it was Jaba or anyone else had completely taken over his thoughts. He texted her this time that he was in love with her and wanted to meet her. He thought maybe she would come to meet him and then he would confront her or maybe surprise her. He would be able to find out the truth.


Fate sat back and smiled when he texted her.. she not only refused to meet him but also terminated the conversations forever. His male ego took over him. He could not take up the refusal, the unkind cruel thoughts of this woman. She stopped talking to him. Neither she would confront nor she would leave nor she would meet. What does she want?


Chirag lost his focus. All this while he was enjoying these conversations and felt that Jaba or the girl who he was talking to also loved him. He found a friend, lover, and the most important person of his life in her. The girl who loved her. He started missing and wanted to talk to her. However, his ego told him not to talk with her since she did not want to face him. It was all fake but.. unfortunately, he was in love with her.


To be continued…

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