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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Jagori Sarkar



Jagori Sarkar




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            Chapter 3


You are like the star

That I cannot reach

You are like the fire

That burns me down

You are a feeling

That I don’t want

You are destruction

That I cant stop


Jaba’s mind was reeling back to those days. All the love, the gain, the talks, the romance also all the obsession, the loss, the fight and the hate!! Life is so unpredictable that a human drowns in a sea of expectations but when they break like pieces of glass we fall into the clutches of frustration.


Jaba was busy with her final year mark sheet collection. That day they were supposed to throw a party. It was a final exam good result party for all. Many of their friends had gathered there. Malini was busy chatting with all and probably people were not paying much heed to Jaba. Well, she was not present there and her mind was present far far away in another party which was being attended by Rupali and her friends.


Yes, that evening when she was getting ready she again saw Rupali talking over the phone,

“Yes.. umm.. no no.. Il come sir.. no .. I.. haaaa.. hhaaaa!!”


“Sir? Who? Who is she talking to? Whats going on? Did she say Chirag? Should I ask? No.. no.. she said Chirag .. ya ya..ya.. ya I heard her!! Bitch! How could you? Chirag!! You stare at me .. you have always hinted at me? Then now its her.. its .. its ..!!”


She was standing transfixed at the wall of the corridor when Kajal saw her. No one knew how long she has been standing like that.


“ What’s wrong with you!! Are you mad! Why are you listening to other people talk like that? Even if she was actually talking to Chirag you can do nothing about it! Just stop thinking like this!! You are hallucinating.”


“No .. am not!! I don’t know what is wrong with me! I can always hear his name every where! Its like always someone or the other is taking his name. The last day one of my juniors was talking about her relationship with someone in class. I asked who is it!! She just smiled at me..I was so frightened that I followed her to the canteen for two days. Then I saw her with one of our senior post graduate of another department.”


“ Are you crazy? Please do something!! Why don’t you tell Malini? What did she say? Does she know?”


Now there is a small twist here and that is even though Malini was supposed to know head to toe about her , its true that Jaba had hidden this matter from her. She has always felt that Malini had feelings for Chirag so she did not want to hurt her by telling her this. Plus Malini had a habit of telling her too much in details about the person whom Jaba liked. She would tease her making it obvious in front of people.


However, that day after the party when Jaba was sitting alone with Malini in her room she told her everything. Malini had told her before that she was having new crush on someone else so she dared this time to tell her the truth. Well, but Malini was very naughty she said that she had crush on both Chirag and the other guy and did not talk to Jaba for another few days.


When you are friends with someone you can actually not be at peace till you fight, literally curse each other, cry then hug each other and forgive. At least that what true friends do!! Well, in this case Malini forgave Jaba for liking her crush and promised to sacrifice crushing on her crush.


The real problem started when Jaba was posted in Chirag’s department as an intern. Jaba would daily attend college and work as much as possible only to see and be close to Chirag. She would often approach other post graduates in front of him intentionally hoping that any time even by mistake he should come and help her out. However, every time he would tell someone to assist her and run away.


One day when Jaba went to the Medical hospital to meet some senior regarding some work for her seminar she saw Chirag coming there. All of a sudden he just came and was talking with that senior in front of her.


Jaba blushed at him and he said something to the senior softly. Jaba could not hear him but that day she knew it that Chirag too probably felt the same about her. May be she would have to make the first move.


Often in life we assume things, our lives starts revolving around those assumptions but when we actually confront the situation we know that its time to walk away.


To be continued .. 







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