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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Jagori Sarkar



Jagori Sarkar




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            Chapter 4


Jaba was leaving for her new posting and was very sad. This was her last posting in Chirag’s department as an intern. She kept working all day and then was chatting in the evening with Malini. They were talking about their friends and other seniors in college. Malini told her that she was having late night conversations with her new crush Sohail.


Jaba thought that it was too early for Malini to move on. What are relationships all about? We like someone, when its mutual we date, then even after being together we become possessive, expectations break, fights and then all over. The next few days we spend in trauma and then the search begins for another one with all the good qualities of our ex lover.


Yes, Jaba was very much concerned about a lasting bond with someone. Is it true that she was in love with Chirag? Or was it just an infatuation!! Or was it just an obsession? She was in a state of total confusion. As she spoke to Malini she told her about the recent events and she also told her that probably she should start talking to Chirag. However, Malini did not specify how she should approach him.


Another few days passed, and now things were heading towards the worse. Jaba was becoming depressed day by day. Often when we don’t have feelings for someone he/she keeps coming in front of us once or twice in a week. The moment we start crushing that person totally disappears! Jaba would hardly see Chirag these days. He just disappeared .. when she would go near his department he was no where to be seen. However, Malini would often tell her that she saw him around the college either in canteen, department, office and in random places.


This time Jaba was feeling pained very deeply. She tried a lot to stop thinking she would be busy with work all day, meet Kajal and Malini, then spend the rest of the day in her room either talking to her parents or watching movies in her laptop. The obsession spread its wings all over her mind. To add on to the problem, Rupali would often keep coming to her room. She would tell Kajal to talk to Punam about going out and chat with her. Kajal would scold her, “ We cant tell like that!”


Jaba had a fight with Kajal. She was in a very bad situation and did not know how to react. She even told Punam that she should go out of the room and talk to her friend but all in vain. Slowly, Rupali became an object of fear for Jaba. Whenever she would come into her room she would plug in her headphones and listen to music very loudly.


Rupali was just a minor problem but the obsession had reached madness by now. Jaba was not in her senses everywhere she would go she would just hear his name. As if everyone was talking about him! She feared people and started avoiding everyone. She would shout at Malini and Kajal if they would not be with her even for a moment. Anytime for any reason she would blame them.


Jaba was in love with Chirag or was wanting to be with him. She finally understood that she needed him and without this love she could not go on. She approached Malini that evening and apologized about the fight.


“What is wrong with you? You are blaming me for moving on so quickly? Who told you that I have moved on. Look Jaba its important that we talk to people, make new friends and live life on our own terms. Is it always important to cry over spilt milk? We knew that things did not work so we split and we are okay with it. You have to be stable and understand what you want. He doesn’t even know that you like him. If you want I can give you his number.”


“No.. that’s not required. Actually I wanted to tell you something. I often told you Malini that I wanted someone in my life with whom I wanted to spent the rest of my life. I am not the kind of a girl for short time relationships but directly think of marriage before any commitments. So, I think I really feel that Chirag is the one whom I really feel for.”


“So, you mean to say you want to marry him. Wow!! But how could you conclude that he too wants the same. I think you should talk with him now.”


Jaba was in a state of total confusion. She had actually lied to Malini about having Chirag’s number. She had already collected his number from another senior during her posting previously. Well, when there seems to be no way its time to find a way. The only way which was left was to tell Chirag how she felt about him. She exactly decided to do that.


The phone rang once and he picked the call. The holiday mood is often disturbed by phone calls especially from work. A doctor’s whole life is dedicated to service of humanity.


“Hello”, said Chirag


There was silence for few seconds on the other side


“Hello.. who is this?”


“Sir.. are you Chirag sir speaking?”




“ This is Jaba Ghosh speaking sir.. do you remember me?”

To be continued.. 




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