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Jagori Sarkar

Romance Tragedy


Jagori Sarkar

Romance Tragedy

Crooked Hearts 7

Crooked Hearts 7

4 mins 113 4 mins 113

Chirag Avasthi was happy when he talked with Jaba and learned about her feelings. He never expected her to become so frank. However, his friend Sanjay suggested him something, “Are you sure she is Jaba? Someone may be playing a prank?”


Atul said, “Hmm.. first you must confirm whether she is actually Jaba.. I have an idea”.


Jaba had become quite busy these days and she stopped talking to Pratik. However, Pratik did not stop messaging her. Daily, he would send her love messages. Jaba was getting impressed by him but she did not feel anything for him. She was so inclined towards Chirag that this man’s love had no impact on her.


In the meanwhile, Jaba would frequently come across Chirag at the department, outside, near hostel, in college functions. She would look at him and would see him turn away. Things were not like before and Jaba was so tired of this feeling for Chirag. College days were ending and their pre convocation party was around the corner. Jaba went with Malini to Goa for the pre convocation day. It was a day full of enjoyment when Jaba was again texting Pratik.


He messaged her, “Hey… where are you?”


Jaba loved Pratik’s concern for her and maybe for the first time, she felt something for him. She told him that she was in Goa. Since that day Jaba started talking to him. She told him, “Ok .. only friendship. if you ever fall in love with me I will walk away from your life. I love only Chirag and no one can take his place in my life.”


“Ok”, said Pratik.


Well, Jaba continued the conversations with Pratik. Daily they would message each other for hours. However, she had completely friend-zoned him. Many times she felt the need to actually see him. She saw his pictures in face chat but she was not sure whether it was a fake profile. The pictures were not clear.


Even though Jaba was feeling for Pratik she would stop at the obsession with Chirag. She never realized how much important Pratik had become for her. Often in life we run after things that are difficult to get and in the process ignore the loved ones who care for us.


Jaba again started doubting Pratik. She would often try to relate Pratik’s messages to Chirag. She often saw whenever she would meet Chirag, the next message would be related to either the place, timing, or work she was doing at the time she saw him. She told her name to Pratik when he absolutely denied it. He asked her repeatedly whether she was actually Jaba. Anyway, she was not liking this matter anymore since her guilt was sitting in her heart.


One day, the situation worsened when Pratik texted her, “ Jaba, I am in love with you. Can we meet? Will you come to Bangalore?”


Jaba reluctantly told him, “ No. I can't travel alone besides there is no point in all this, I will never feel anything for you.”


“Please, Jaba just once meet me..”


“No .. it is pointless talking to you. I already told you that there is no future between us. I don’t feel that way about you and besides, I still don’t believe you are actually Pratik. I think you are playing with me and telling lies. Anyway, I think it's time we do not talk anymore. I can't love you and I don’t think we can be friends anymore. Pratik! Don’t talk to me ever again.”


She hung up on him again. This time even he did not text her anymore.


Often in life, our priorities make us forget what was actually needed by us. We become brutal and then suffer like hell. Jaba was kind of too frustrated by all the events in her life. She was living in total confusion. Sometimes, she had even thought of meeting Pratik. She had discussed it with Kajal.


“I think you should be a little careful.. you don’t know who you have been talking with. Unless you are sure. I think you shouldn’t meet him.”


We often listen to our friends more than our own hearts but in the process miss out on the important aspects of our lives. Jaba could have met Pratik just once. She could have cleared her doubt but she felt that she would be giving false hope to Pratik. She didn’t want to trouble him anymore.


Chirag Avasthi was devastated. When you start testing someone’s patience, you can do it for some time. The day one realizes that they have been humiliated or played they will move away. Sometimes, we start questioning and trying to find out things without telling the truth and directly confronting the person. This was too complicated, a love that was unfinished or incomplete.


Chirag had told his friends that he would find out whether it was actually Jaba who talked with him. So, with Atul’s help, he made a plan. He started texting Jaba from an unknown number, “The scent of a flower…”


To be continued…

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