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Jagori Sarkar



Jagori Sarkar


Crooked Hearts 5

Crooked Hearts 5

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            Chapter 5

It is often seen that in life we come across many people, some who are a part of our daily life, we meet them, talk to them and live in the rhythm. While, there are others whom we want to see but we can't, and maybe we don’t feel like talking to them much since we may get deeply involved with them and then hurt them.


When Chirag came to pursue his post-graduation he knew his goals and was too committed to work. However, the first meeting with a cute girl in college made him feel something. He was looking at her and thought about her for days after that. Whenever she was around he would extend his help in different ways. He checked her out on social media too.


He just wanted to like her, many times even tried to talk to her. He had found her a bit strange since she would sort of avoiding him. He didn’t do anything further since he thought probably she just dint think the same way about him. He had talked about his crush many times. In fact, when she would be around his friends would just look at him and smirk.


Now, this is a situation which we all confront. There are many who just like each other and talk about it to friends and enjoy this crush. However, the other person who is being talked about may start hoping for more. Chirag talked about Jaba often. His friends would often associate him with her and make fun.


That day when the phone call came Chirag was taken aback. He dint know how to react since he was not sure whom he was talking with.


“Yes .. oh .. Jaba. Yah! Yah! ..”


“Where are you, sir? I want to meet you .. now”


“Am out of town for some work .. you can tell me over the phone.”


“Sir... I have been posted in your department a few months back. I wanted to talk to you many times but I couldn’t. Look I really like you and I want to know you. I want to be a part of your life. Do you feel the same way about me?”


Chirag was shocked. He liked Jaba but he never thought she would approach him suddenly in this way. Did she get to know that they talk about her? Or is this someone else who was playing some pranks?


“Umm.. look Jaba... I have come here to pursue my career goals and after I leave from here I will be settled in my hometown. You stay in a different place and even you will be gone from here after some time. So, thinking of love, relationships are not a feasible option now. If you want we can be friends and just know each other. However, I cannot be more than friends with you.”


“ Ok .. yes sir... I completely agree with you. I cannot do without talking with you.”


“Ok then .. Il come back and talk to you”.


That day a new love story started which can be regarded as a story of two crooked hearts!! Well, let me explain. What is happiness? It is a feeling of extreme fulfillment when our most wanted wish which we did not expect was granted. Whenever we achieve something in life we either keep thinking about it, celebrate, and often in the process forget whether the object that makes us happy will actually be beneficial for us or not. When a few days pass and we realize where it is heading us we fall into agony and become completely broken.


I have used the word crooked for both Jaba and Chirag. Why? I will further explain as I talk about this story. This is not a love story like we all know. Probably, the next thing one would expect here is that they both meet, start dating, fall in love and be together or separate with all the complications and heartbreaks. No.. that really is not the case here.


Jaba was very happy after talking with Chirag. She was happy for two reasons. Firstly, she understood that Chirag also liked her and to some extent knew her. She was also happy that he was willing to be friends with her and know her.


She thought she would celebrate and she watched a movie that day and came back. At night she was talking with Kajal in the hostel garden.

“So, did he call/ message you?”


“No.. not yet. Am still waiting. Il not call anymore.”


“Am really so embarrassed about what I did. I mean he just wants to be friends .. but what if I fall in love and am not able to forget him.”


“You are already in love with him.. either you will be with him or not.”




The friends looked at each other and smiled while in a distance far far away destiny sat and smiled. Expectations .. wait!!


The cell phone buzzed and the screen loomed up.


“The scent of a flower

 The buzz of bees

 Shows a new day

  Near or away”


 It was an unknown number. Both the girls looked at each other.


“Who are you?”



To be continued..

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