Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra
Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra



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After enjoying a self-drive of two hours I arrived at Lake Siljan, Dalarna, Sweden at sharp 8am. Having a desire to spend some calm moment with myself, I had come little early, but got surprised by seeing Dr. Suprabh near the entrance gate, even though we had a plan to meet each other at 10am. 

“Oh Hi…How are you?” I just greeted him with a smile,

while coming out from the car after parking it.


“I am all fine…how are you” -he asked me giving a gorgeous

smile with an instantly formed beautiful dimples on his cheeks, for which many

girls had lost their hearts and I was not able to take my eyes out from his

charming smile with army styled haircut, a dark thick army moustache in a

whitish face. With a heron white shirt, black trouser and a pair of rimless

specs, was giving a romantic look to his grave personality, even at his current

age of 40. 



“I am good, but at what time did you start from Zurich and

what time from your room…?” -I asked surprisingly, as this place was far from his



“At 3am from room and 4:15am from the airport…and here

just five minutes back. Wanted not to spoil your Saturday’s morning sleep…so

had given you at 10am time. Hope, you enjoyed your ride to this place…” -he

said while taking his long coat out and Spec on.



“Yes, I enjoyed...!By the

way, you should have taken rest for these two days because again you will have

back to back travels for next two weeks”- I told as I was able to realize how

much tired he was by seeing his face, with many hectic travels continuously since last two weeks, carrying

pressure in the various customer locations.


“I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see you…or else

again I had to wait for next two months…” -he said by constantly looking at my

eyes which had a very deep emotion, by which I was feeling that I melted down

within a moment and took my eyes down as still I cannot make a proper eye

contact with him.


“Beeeautiful…! You cannot imagine how much I am relaxed by

being in this serene place…Thank you” -I said, while entering inside the lake

view after crossing the entrance and having an immediate look at the beauty of

the lake, which I can never explain in this writing.


With this, I could not stop myself in walking barefooted on the red fescue grass.


“You know what…I am pampering my bare feet by walking on these soft grass…let them have a soft touch also… I said while enjoying my walk.


“Hummmm, they need it… they have become tired in meeting your

expectations…but I don’t need your thank you…” -after a little silence he told

me with a serious look.


It gave a sting in my heart. Becoming little shy, I said

slowly “I said thank you…because I always sit inside my room in the weekends,

it’s you who called me here and having a trust on whom I came here alone…or

else could you imagine how much difficult was it for me to come out alone in

this foreign country…” said with a distracted thought for a few moment by

imaging how I had come so far by believing a person.


I cannot even say that I know him also cannot say that I do not know him.



“Hey, your research paper on Drug-Drug interaction using Natural Language Processing is really very much required in the market…and what happened to other papers which you were preparing last time….?” -he asked me in a very cool voice..


“Yes, had shared three uses cases with functional and technical designs, which were really required in the market and if my vendor could have made them in time, then definitely they would be the first in the market…but they could not do due to resource constraint….it always happens with me…never get anything in time….(Being little emotional and after a pause, I continued) Sometimes I feel why do I live my life…I always get dedicated to give my best for everything but don’t get anything…”.


“Want to go and get vanished in an unknown place where no one can find me out….I love my company most…!” -could not realize when this sentence came out from my mouth suddenly.


“You are a story teller…so do too much of drama…!” -he said while looking at the sky and suddenly made a distance from me.


I kept quite and walking for sometimes, sat on the wooden bench beside lake side.


I started telling “ You know…I like the water places very much, but I had never been anywhere except the Puri sea beach and the Nagavara lake in Bangalore… ”- my voice become mild while saying this and I kept quite…don’t know why…might be remembering some past incidents…

“I know…” – he said…

“How…?” – I asked surprisingly…

“Just now you told me…” – he said very casually

By listening this…i could not control myself and started laughing. Dr. Suprabh having avery serious personality can also make jokes…!!! And I forgot that few moments back he had teased me…anyway that was an encouragement for me, to never quit my passion.


“I will leave the day after tomorrow at 12 am from here… ”- he said, while trying to take out his camera from his handbag.

“But why…we can leave today evening…it will be enough ” -I

said while restricting him to take a common selfie of both of us…my voice had

become little rude.

“You can leave…if you want… I dont have any right on you”

-without telling anything much, he kept his camera inside his bag.

I felt bad why I hurt him…anyway I have off tomorrow and

can stay with him till he leaves…So came little close to him and whispered gently

“Did you have come to this place before…?”

“Yes, with Mia…during our honeymoon” -he said and kept


“Very nice place…”I told while feeling the happiness that

Dr. Suprabh might have felt during that time when he was having his honeymoon

in this extremely beautiful place of the Earth with his sweetheart, lady love

Mrs Mia, with whom he was in love for three years before their marriage.

I came little ahead of him and told “Please be stand near

this wooden pool…the background scene is very beautiful…I want to have a pic of


“You also join with me…we can have a common selfie…”- he

told, while moving towards the wooden pool and by that time, I quickly took a

pic of him.

“Its done….took the pic… beautiful is this…I will

post this in your Face Book account and will count how many girls are hitting

the like button…” – I teased him.

“I know…”- he said

“What… know” – I asked surprisingly by seeing

his sad face, as I can never tolerate his sad face.

“Nothing…be always happy”- he said by giving a little


“I am always happy…(after taking a pause) you know when we

had gone to Nagavara Lake for first and last time together, after two months of

our marriage and that had happened after telling many times to my ex-husband,

as I like the water places a lot, he told me to take his solo pic…not with

me…so I don’t want to waste your pic…it will not look good if I stand with you…

you know it very well…and gave a slight smile…(again after a little pause)I am

not smart like you…you are too stylist…I am not….I always want to see you

happy…it does not matter for me with whom you are happy… ” -I said having a

smile in my face while accepting myself with my self-esteem.


“Hummm….” -he didn’t say anything besides this.


After a pause of few minutes….


“Ruchi….you know…the difference is that you are so scared

to come out from your past and accept your present and I am so brave that I

have left my horrible past behind and accepted my present, because I know that

my present has given me the utter security in my life with her, in order to get

what I was roaming directionless in my life, till these many days….thats why

even though I was in this beautiful place with my past but this time I want to

enjoy it with my present, which will be the most memorable moment for me, as I

have completely forgotten about my past. Mrs. Ruchi, the 33 yrs old famous

writer, public speaker, business professional, technology trainer, marketing

professional and many more…. is still not able to see her present, who has

become the dream girl for many men, as the day passes, she is becoming more

beautiful…by exploring her true self, she started glowing, once she learnt how

to live her life herself and this is the reason why Dr.Suprabh, the ex-Army

Physician, the current Vice President of a reputed Pharmaceutical company, an

angry army man had surrendered himself in front of her. She is too stylist who looks

like a young girl of 22 with a simple haircut, a big spec and in this simple

yellow chiffon saree with a grape wine long velvet coat. After all these how

can anyone say that she is not smart! It does not matter for Dr.Suprabh why her

ex-husband was too rude with her…in fact it was good for Dr.Suprabh that

because of this reason he got her. (Taking a pause) You know, I can never think

of a day without you, because I feel comfortable with you, because you have

accepted me the way I am, because you have the courage to accept the truth, and

a right man, because you are always right. I don’t need anyone to complete me,

I need someone to accept me completely. Real love is knowing someone’s weaknesses

and not taking advantages of them. Knowing their flaws and accepting who they

are. To love without condition, to talk without intention, to give without

reason and to care without expectation is the true spirit of love which I have

got from you. Few minutes back, I got angry with you instead of giving some

rare use cases in the Pharma industry, I told you to do it yourself and got

angry when you told to stop doing it. Because I know you are all independent, don’t

need this information from me and this is the spirit because of which I respect

you. You don’t have any expectation from me but always supports me. You are the

one who has accepted my past, supported my present and encouraged my future.

You have accepted my similarities with you while respecting the differences

those we have. No-one can tolerate my anger and my stubbornness. There are many girls to say me "I love you", but you

are the one who has tolerated me...all my idiosyncrasies, all my anger. The reason of my anger, which becomes very difficult for anyone to find out and to accept. You have that patience to give me enough space during that time by not stopping your carings towards me...With all these, still you are so scared to spend time with me that you have come to your customer’s

place immediately after one month of marriage, which had happened as per the

wish of our respective family members and staying here in Sweden since last two

months, but my heart is always connected with you, you don’t even feel to

message me from your side…I only always message you first. I am trying to see

you making some personal time from my busy schedules. I don’t expect anything

from you…I forget all my miseries by seeing your pious face, getting a pure

smile and want to have a calm sleep on your lap, but never have become that

fortunate to get the later…(while smiling)” and looked deeply into my eyes... I

could not continue looking at him and made my eyes down.


After a silent moment of almost half an hour…..he moved towards the beautiful cherry blossom tree, which was grabbing our attention unexpectedly, stood under the tree spreading his hands, looking upwards into the sky, didnt ssay anything, kept quite and after sometimes sat on the grass beside the lake... A few cherry trees had been spared and were in full, resplendent bloom. As though bathed in light, the brilliant-hued scene stood out in sharp contrast to the ashen landscape of the lakeside. The entire spring scene was like finely decorated brocade. Cherry blossoms adorned the water's surface like dotted patterns of inlaid mother-of-pearl. Among the ripples danced reflections of weeping cherry branches; the crystal blue skies seemed to reflect upward from the lake’s eternal beauty.


Life started flourishing on each blossoming branch, each treetop. In that moment those cherry trees stood for the overflowing richness of life.


I went near to him and told “This is a perfect place for a

common selfie…. ”…

Chrizzed…. clicked a common selfie and told him “I am going to post it in your FB account to break the hearts of all the girls, present in your friends list.”


“That’s what I expect from you…my love and also please,

please, please don’t forget to post the same in your Face Book account so that

those all of your fans, colleagues and students will lose hope to get you….Mrs.

Suprabh …there should never be any term named as ‘Thank You’ in between us….!”-Dr.

Suprabh said gently near my ear, while holding my waist from back.

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