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Kumar Vikrant

Action Crime Thriller


Kumar Vikrant

Action Crime Thriller



9 mins 220 9 mins 220

Game Plan

Zoya Khan, the special correspondent of YPN looked at all the people who were gathered in the CEO of Yuva Pradesh New (YPN) Devraj cabin. There was the chief editor Jayanthi, Devraj himself, and video editor Sushant. Sushant was busy editing some videos. Devraj and Jayanthi were looking at those videos with interest. Devraj looked at Zoya indifferently and waved her to take a seat. Zoya saw there was a beautiful girl on Sushant's laptop's screen indulged in sexual acts with massive elderly males. The girl's face was familiar, yes, she was Nidhi the porn queen of India last year. YPN did a little documentary to put her off the lam, claiming that she was framed by her boyfriend Sameer. The outcomes of that documentary were wonderful, their TRP touched the sky and finally the culprit Sameer was arrested.

Now the girl again with another scandal. One of the males featured in those sinister videos was Chief Minister (CM) of Yuva Pradesh, Jugendr. Others were relatively unknown faces but seemed important men. Sushant was working hard, some certain portions of the videos were being blurred to make them viewable for the general viewers. He was enhancing the quality of the videos to make CM and men face more clearly.

Finally, Devraj blurted, "Shusant, how long will it take?"

"It's almost over sir." replied Sushant.

Devraj turned towards the chief editor and spoke gruffly, "Jayanthi, have you written the script?"

"I have everything ready, Kokila will be live with this news sharp at nine.

"Get it done guys, Guru Lakhiya is licking me every hour," said Devraj with a deep breath.

Guru Lakhiya the firebrand politician, presently the leader of the opposition who has lost the election to Jugendr's party. He'd do anything to throw Jugendr from CM seat, perhaps he has managed all these videos and has paid a package to show them in prime time on YPN.

Finally, Devraj realized the presence of Zoya, he looked at her and said, "Zoya I don't have time for the details, everything on this pen drive." He tossed a pen drive towards her.

"Go out, find this girl. I need her interview during the telecast of this news. Do everything to make it possible, she should look innocent and the CM should be presented as the demon. Jugendr will slay her as soon as he knows anything about this news, make sure you be on her trail during this slaughter. She should be presented as a victim. Now move.”


Josh City the capital city of Yuva Pradesh, its damaged roads full of ditches, always the cause of traffic jams. Zoya was also stuck in such a jam. She was sitting in the passenger seat of her channel's van. Her fellow photographer, Mac was sitting on the front seat beside the driver. A very nosy guy, he'd always show his manly superiority. Zoya didn't like him at all but she was always assigned to work with him.

She has gone through all, which was on the pen drive about Nidhi. All the videos, no matter one-year-old or newer were showing that she was forced to do it all. She was nothing but dead meat, crushed under those sly men. She didn't seem to be a part of any conspiracy against the CM. Lakhiya has somehow obtained those videos and now planning something big against the CM. Those videos after the telecast shall create unprecedented havoc in this state. The central government who belongs to Lakhiya's party, would suspend the state government immediately and pave a smooth way for Lakhiya to become the next CM of Yuva Pradesh. But Jugendr who himself has always been a goon will not spare anyone. Zoya thought Nidhi is just a scapegoat who will die because of the power game between two politicians and the nexus of media with one of them.

It was half-past four in the evening, but the February fog has started engulfing the dusty roads of Josh City. By the time they reached the central market street lights were on and trying to penetrate the thick fog.

Little India Cafe was a few blocks away, Zoya said, "Please stop, I want a cup of hot coffee."

The driver knew she'll never pass Little India Cafe without having a cup of coffee. He parked the van just before the Cafe.

Zoya got into the café and took the corner seat where she couldn't be seen by her crew. She ordered a cup of coffee and fished out her phone. Nidhi’s phone number was also provided on the pen drive, she dialed her number, which was picked after a few rings.

"Who's there?" A very sweet female voice answered from the other end.

"You are Nidhi, am I right?"

"Yes, what is it about?"

"Have you got WhatsApp?"


"Please add me, I have very bad news for you."

"Added." was said anxiously from the other side.

"Okay," said Zoya and tagged one of those sinister videos to her mail and tapped her mobile to send the video to her.

In the meantime, the waitress has placed a cup of coffee before her. She reluctantly took the cup of coffee and started sipping it.

Within a few minutes Nidhi's number flashed on her phone screen.

"What is this? Who made this video? What do you want?" the voice from the other end was fervid.

"Nidhi, this is Zoya from YPN. This video along with such other videos will be the attraction of today's prime time. And I'm supposed to interview you regarding these videos."

"I know nothing who made this video?"

"I know, you are in grave danger. Nidhi I'm also a woman, I know circumstances forced you into this profession. Someone close to you managed to obtain these videos. Can you tell me if someone gifted you dresses or such other things lately?"

"Yes, Mohit, a friend of mine gifted me a number of dresses and other things."

"I bet all your dresses were bugged and you went to those men wearing clothes which had micro-cameras on their buttons or somewhere else."

Nidhi sobbed.

"You call that friend of yours, I bet he'll not be able to take your call. He has done what he was recruited for."

"I know I've been calling him all day but his phone is out of coverage area."

"I hardly believe he is alive to take your call. You are a victim of a very devastating plan, you'll also die in a few hours."

"What should I do?" said the girl between sobs.

"Have you got a passport?"


"Runaway from this country. Catch the first plane to Delhi, from there to another country. As soon as the videos are on the air, there will be no place safe for you in this country."

"What about the visa."

"There are more than 60 countries around the world where India’s passport holders don't require any visa to travel. Chose whichever is suitable for you and run for your life. Remember, throw this phone away. Besides using the dress which has the least accessories or buys a new one and run away.”

Flown Away Bird

Zoya and her crew halted at the main entrance of the Sky High Apartments. They took information about the flat where Nidhi lives.

"Mem Saab is out of the city for the last three days." the security guard informed them.

"Okay, where has she gone?"

"I don't know."

Zoya tried to call her on her mobile number, which was out of coverage area. Mac also tried, but there was the same response. They finally informed their CEO. He ordered them to stay there maybe she would come back at night.

At exactly 09:00 in the evening, YPN started their special telecast. 'The Demons,' featuring CM Jugendr and his bureaucrats as the demons who were exploiting an innocent girl. Zoya was watching this telecast on the monitor in their van, the driver was watching out for Nidhi.

The CM was furious and called it a nexus between the opposition and the media. He denied that he or his bureaucrats have anything do with those videos. He demanded the forensic examination of those videos.

The leader of the opposition Lakhiya demanded the center to dismiss the government of rapists. He threatened to commit suicide if the center doesn't hear him.

That very moment a landline number flashed on Zoya's mobile screen. She got down from the van and attended the call. Nidhi was on the other end.

"Ma'am, someone has blocked my bank account. I cannot withdraw any money."

"Where are you?"

"At the airport."

"Haven't you got money to reach Delhi by air?"

"No, ma'am, can you help me?"

"You are not safe anywhere in India."

"What should I do?" she was weeping loudly.

"Please don't cry, let me think." Zoya paused for a while and spoke with a very deep voice, "There is only one man who could save you from these human vultures is, Jack."

"Who is Jack?" asked Nidhi.

"Well, Jack is the legendary warrior of Kali Valley. He has been fighting all the evils all his life, you can find him at Colonel Pass near Will City.

“Can I have his mobile number?”

“I don’t have his number, but you tell anyone at the Colonel Pass that you need him, he will find you.

First of all, you just get out of the airport, CM goons shall be there sooner or later. You go to Civil Lines taxi stand and look for Gafur Bhai, he'll take you to Will City's Colonel pass.

Judgment Day

The next day was full of excitement. Early in the morning, the dead body of a young man was found in the sewage line. The body was half damaged by the straw dogs and pigs. But his card identified as Mohit, his mobile phone was also found which had a video clip featuring, Devraj, Jayanthi, and Lakhiya, watching the sinister videos and scheming. The clip was mailed to Delhi based News Channel, Newsman, it was constantly playing it to expose the leader of the opposition and YPN. Besides, it also claimed the videos on YPN were real because they have gotten them checked by using their own resources. According to them, Yuwa Pradesh was nothing but a center of all criminal activities. It recommended putting this state under the presidential rule. Both the Jugendr and Lakhiya were not available to clear their position.

Zoya reached at the YPN headquarter at 10:00 in the morning. CEO, Devraj and Chief Editor Jayanthi were nowhere. No one knew where they were.

By the evening Center Government recommended putting Yuva Pradesh under presidential rule until the midterm poll.

A New Dawn

The next day comes up with the news of 11 people who were massacred in river Kali Valley near colonel pass including the CM Jugendr, two of his bureaucrats, seven trainee IPS officers, and one local farmer. What they were doing there was still a mystery.

Gafur Bhai has informed Zoya how Nidhi was arrested by local police, the rest of the story was still a mystery for everyone but not for Zoya. She knew that the bunch of human vultures must have crossed their path with Jack to meet their drastic end.

Two months later a number starting with +27 flashed on Zoya's phone screen. She immediately knew it was a call from South Africa. To her surprise, Nidhi was on the other end. She was excited to tell her how Jack saved her from the culprits and killed them. How he managed to migrate her to Johannesburg, South Arica, and fixed a living place for her along with a good job. She thanked Zoya for all her help.

Zoya was mesmerized to hear the tale of an unfortunate girl who finally had a life of her own.

She also thanked her for bringing a new dawn to the Yuva Pradesh.

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