Reva Saraf

Action Crime Thriller


Reva Saraf

Action Crime Thriller



3 mins

It's 3:30 pm at Bayfill Beach, where a trio has come to enjoy their vacations. 

The trio (three friends, named John, Nina and Carl) was eagerly waiting to reach the beach quickly. They couldn't wait. 

Moments later, their car screeched to a halt. "Okay, guys. We've reached. Get down now." Carl announced, who was driving. 

"Great. I am so excited! John, will you help me to gather all the materials? I mean the basket, the mat and the food?" Nina asked, happily. 

John and Nina gathered all the items, while Carl parked the car. 

15 minutes later, they were done with the preparations. They headed to the beach.

Carl laid the mat and the three friends sat lazily. "It's fun!" John said, trying to look at the sunny sky.

The trio had also rented a hut on the beach, where they would stay for a few days. The huts were on rent and people were permitted to rent one. 

"It's gettin' way too sunny out here....let's go inside our hut." Carl proposed. "Hmm. You are right." John and Nina both agreed. 

They were just unlocking the door of the modern-looking hut, when a man appeared from nowhere. "Get out from here. You will not get anything by staying here." He rudely interrupted into their happy mood. 

"Who are you? Why do you want to disturb our peace?!" John shouted angrily. 

"Shh, John. Calm down." Carl said. 

Nina was just about to say something, when suddenly, the man ran away. 

"Hey!" Nina suddenly shouted, and Carl and John were startled. 

"Let's go to the office and report this incident." Nina suggested. "Do you think it is right?" Carl asked, perplexed. 

"Yes," John went on. "It is not our mistake that the man came out of nowhere and started speaking nonsense!" Nina agreed. After hearing what Carl had to say, John also agreed. "I think you're right." John replied. 

They headed to the Complaints Office, determined to make a move against that man. "Hi, how may I help you? Hope you're enjoying here." A young boy greeted them. "By the way, I am Will." 

"Hi, Will! I am Nina, and these are my friends, John and Carl. We want to make a complaint, actually." Nina introduced.

"A complaint? Oh, I am very sorry that you experienced anything horrible," Will said sadly. "Yes," Carl began. "So, we were just frolicking around, but then some man came, and he ordered us to leave the place immediately." 

"Hmm," Will said, thinking deeply. "Do you know his name? And can you tell me how he looked?" 

"His name is still unknown. But, yes, we do know how he looked," Nina told. 

"He wore a top-hat, and a brown coat. His clothes were mostly oversized. He also had curly hair and a grey moustache," John described, remembering everything correctly. 

Will was startled. "Oh my god. This is starting again. Uh-oh." He said, shaking his head. "What happened? Have you noticed the same man before also?" Carl asked. "Yes. And this is not happening since a short period of time. But, it's happening since forever, since the time this Bayfill Beach was setup." Will explained properly. 

"When did you start getting complaints about the same issue?" Carl questioned. 

"I have been working here since 4 years. So, in these four years, this person is creating havoc amongst everyone." Will informed. 

Then, suddenly, a light bulb lit inside Will's head. "Hey! Now I remember!" He said, getting excited. 

"You know what?!" Carl, John and Nina were also excited and very curious to know about what Will had suddenly remembered. This was probably becoming a mystery, and it was very important for the three friends and Will to finally discover more about this enigma, or else it would become more and more tangled as time would pass. 

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