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Kumar Vikrant

Action Crime Thriller


Kumar Vikrant

Action Crime Thriller

Bad Land

Bad Land

16 mins 171 16 mins 171


Nidhi was choking on her own blood. A flying bullet has taken a piece of her face flesh away, she could touch her face bone. Blood was oozing out of her mutilated face. The dark alley was blood stained and the pack of human hyenas was on her trail to tear her apart. She has been running for her life for three hours. She has lost herself in the rugged alleys of Kali valley. One bullet fired by Chief Minister's (CM) men has wounded her beautiful face. The face, which has taken a State's Government down, a face which has taken everything away from her including her family. A face, which has forced her to become a prostitute.

Loss of blood was making her sight blurred. The cold gusts of foggy wind were worsening her condition. During winter Kali Valley's open alleys were like hell, they had claimed several lives during the innumerable winter nights. Nidhi was cuddling in a little ditch perhaps made by a jackal or a fox. She felt a tinge of severe pain and cried a little. She knew a little sound would be enough for CM's men to find her.

Being a simple girl she had always been unaware of her surroundings, she had proved to be an easy prey for all the men who came into her life. The first man of her life Sameer, infatuated her, wooed her, tempted her to sleep with him and recorded those intimate moments. He sold those videos for a very high price. There was the time when her sensuous face and well sculpted body, was most sought after body all over.

Now the latest series of videos made stealthily by the cheater, Mohit featuring her and all the top bureaucrats and even the CM, have equally shaken the nation. A whole government has been forced to resign. All the videos have been sent to the forensic laboratories of various Indian cities. If the videos proved to be real there were a number of people who were going behind the bars.

Slave Trader

"This is a ruthless world we slipped a little and the whole world came after us to push us down more forcefully. Sleeping with that idiot was a mistake, but you cannot change the past." Said Daga.

Nidhi looked down at the dirty floor of her friend's hostel room. Her friend Lila had convinced her to meet Daga to help her out of her present pathetic situation. After the release of that sinister video, she was forced to leave her Architectural Engineering internship. All the boys of the college had downloaded her video on their mobile phones. Her father heard the news, he had a severe heart attack and died after a week in a local cheap hospital. Now she had none in the name of any close relationship. There was no place to live, she couldn't go back to her native city Devdurg, there was no job for her.

Daga looked at thoughtful Nidhi. She was very important to him right now. He had been in the flesh trade for a long time. He mainly deals with top notch politicians and bureaucrats. Nidhi's video was popular among them all, they wanted that girl at any rate. Patty politicians and lower bureaucracy had paid him in advance to make that girl available to their bosses. He had rupees 500 million in his account as an advance, he had no intention to return it back.

"I don't think you are getting me at all. I must elaborate my proposal to you. I want you to work for me. I'll pay you rupees 2.5 million per annum, besides you'll have all the security, free lodging, free food and free cloths as far as you work with me."

Nidhi knew where the man was leading her talk to, he wanted her to sell her body for money.

"I'm not interested," said Nidhi.

Pack Of Wild Dogs

Suddenly Nidhi saw a pair of eyes which were staring at him through the thick fog. Slowly the eyes moved towards her. In a few seconds Nidhi realized that it was a wild dog. She took a dry clay piece from the ditch and threw it on the dog, the dog snarled and ran away. She took a deep breath, but she didn't know that the wild dog was not alone, it was now howling to attract the attention of its pack.

Soon there were a number of dogs, they were all snarling. She trembled at the ghastly look of the leading dogs. Smell of blood was making the dogs crazy. The pain in her wounds was making it hard for her to move. But she had to act fast to save herself and to avoid the unnecessary commotion. She got up, the whole pack retreated and took a position to pounce on her. She ran through them, the whole pack followed her. A loose cobble made her stumble, she slithered on the rough ground. There was an uneven log laying on the ground, she took it and struck back at the leading dogs. One of the dogs took the blow on its jaw, it whined and fell on the ground. All the dogs retreated and ran away. She was lucky enough to get away safe from the pack of wild dogs, but she had not always been lucky.

 Night Of Havoc

Nidhi left Lila's room, but there was no place for her to go. She had not enough money to stay in a hotel. She decided to spend the night at the railway station. She wept at her present pathetic condition.

At the time of midnight four policemen dragged her into their patrol car.

As soon as she entered the police patrol car her nightmare began, All the four policemen took her to a remote deserted house where they raped her all the night. In the morning they loaded her back to the city and threw on a deserted road.

Several passersby saw at the wounded woman in rags, but none came to help her. One of Daga's men saw her and informed his boss. Daga reached there, he came with an ambulance. The paramedics took her from the road, she was admitted to the most expensive corporate hospital of Will City.

Another Cave

As as the pack of dogs had fled Nidhi started looking for another place to hide and spend the cold night. Her eyes were not able to look anything through the thick fog, but after a few yards walk she found another ditch. It was also very cold, she dug some loose soil and tried to push her body under it. After a few moments the loose soil over her body got a little warm by the emitting heat of Nidhi's body.

Breaking Of Ice

After two months Daga's men escorted her to her new flat from the hidden den of the chief minister (CM). The old chief minister went on exploiting her all the night. Now Daga was paying her rupees three million per annum and the first installment was in their joint bank account.

Money never took over her brain, but she committed a crime which was forbidden by Daga. She fell in love with Mohit, her neighbor.

Mohit was a silent and shy boy who wanted nothing but her company. He never demanded anything physically from her. He started gifting her dresses, shoes and other accessories. First of all Nidhi said no but his selfless love towards her turned her no to yes.

After four months or so the old chief minister got bored of her and demanded another girl. Daga informed her that now she will have to entertain some top notch bureaucrats. Soon she was entertaining the chief secretary and Inspector General (IG) of Yuva Pradesh.

Unholy Nexus

In a remote house of the outskirts of Josh City four people were watching the well edited videos of Nidhi with CM and other high officials. Lakhiya, the leader of opposition, Devraj, the owner of Yuva Pradesh News (YPN), Jayanthi, the news editor of YPN and Mohit who had managed to get all these videos after a whole year's hard work.

Lakhiya was excited to see all the videos.

"Devraj, what is the game plan?"

"We'll telecast all these videos today; these videos shall be the main attraction of today's prime time, there will be only edited videos, but viewers shall be allowed to watch unedited and uncensored videos on several online portals."

Lakhiya looked at Mohit who had made all this possible. He has brought in a Japanese technician who bugged all the dresses and accessories of Nidhi with high resolution micro cameras and transmitters. Her dress buttons were bugged, her purses were bugged, even her shoes were bugged. They used to replace all these cameras and transmitters at the laundry where Nidhi cloths were sent for washing. After one year toil the result were interesting. All the higher officials, including the chief minister were on those sinister videos.

Well, Mohit you have done a wonderful job, but now you'll have to go out of the picture." said Lakhiya.

He clapped, two of his henchmen entered the room.

"Take Mohit, his body shouldn't be found." said Lakhiya without looking at Mohit.

And the meeting was adjourned.

Impeding Doom

The chief minister (CM) spat at the dead body of Daga whom he has shot a few minutes ago. The idiot was constantly denying his inclusion in those videos. CM's friends from YPN has informed him about the prime time telecast of the day. Daga was the one who brought Nidhi to them and managed to hook them. The CM has persuaded Daga to block NIdhi's bank account before killing him. He ordered IG to send top cops after that girl, she shouldn't leave alive.

 Who Is Jack?

Nidhi was surprised to see that she wasn't able to take money from the ATM, there was not sufficient balance in her account. She tried several times, but there was same response again. She had got only rupees ten thousand with her, her three million balance was nil today. She immediately called up her bank manager. He informed after checking that her fellow account holder has requested them to block the account.

She laughed at her pathetic condition, she has given everything for the money and now she has nothing with her.

She thought about Joya Khan, the media girl who visited her yesterday and suggested her to run for her life. She reluctantly called her and informed her about her present condition. She also denied that she had enough money to help her. But she suggested her that there was only man in this country who could help her out of this mess was, Jack.

"Who is Jack?" asked Nidhi.

"Well, Jack is the legendary warrior of Kali Valley. He has been fighting all the evils all his life, you can find him at Colonel Pass near Will City.

"Can I have his mobile number?"

"I don't have his number, but you tell anyone at the Colonial Pass that you need him, he will find you."

Blood Thirsty Goons

At exactly nine o'clock in the evening YPN started telecasting the biggest scandal of the year, the main attraction was CM's day by day videos with a beautiful girl. Other officials were also featured. CM Jugender immediately called a press conference and told that all the videos were fake and were a part of a conspiracy hatched by the media and the opposition.

He called all his shooters to hunt down that girl, pictures of that girl were circulated all over the state. All the check posts and police stations were alerted. All the top bureaucrats were engaged in the hunting operation.

But by the next morning all the opposition demanded for the suspension of the state government. By the noon the state governor demanded an explanation, the CM repeated the same story. The governor reported all the incidence to the president of India. A combined meeting of both the houses was called and the state government was suspended immediately. The State was put under the presidential rule until the next election.

Ex CM Jugendra and his cabinet was thirsty for the blood of Nidhi. Hunters were looking for her to kill her.

Hunters & Hunted

Sub Inspector Tambe arrested Nidhi from Colonel Pass Check Post, she was talking to a tea vendor. On the instruction of his circle officer (CO), he escorted her to the Dak Buglow.

Dak Bunglow was a PWD guest house where PWD officers stay at night once or twice a month rest of the time it was a fun house for local police and administrative authorities of Will City.

Nidhi was afraid of seeing the deserted building where the policemen took her forcefully. She anticipated some bad happenings. The policeman pushed her into a damp smelling room where a dirty bed and some chairs were placed. Her mind was working very fast the policemen shall kill her after exploiting her, she has to escape. She entered the bathroom and saw that the window pane had no glass on it and there were no bars outside. She latched the bathroom door and placed a foot on the commode and another on the loose cement of the wall. After a little effort she pushed half her body out of the window. The ground was some ten feet under her, she had no choice she let her body fall to the ground.

Running from there she entered the never ending ravines of Kali valley, where experienced tour guides think twice before entering.


CO police, Sultan's face was red when he reached at the Dak Bungalow. He was not alone, there were ten other tough cops with him. They used a police chopper to reach to the Will City from capital Josh City. They rushed into the room where Nidhi was kept but the room was empty and the bathroom was latched. Two of those cops burst open the bathroom and as they anticipated the girl had ran away.

One of the cops slapped CO and growled.

"You foolish womanizer, you let that girl go. CM is coming himself to settle the matter, he'll shoot you."

"Leave him, we ought to find that girl before the CM arrives. I know these ravines might provide a safe place for her, but I've managed a guide who has horses, he'll help us finding the girl." Said another stalwart policeman.

After half an hour they were all on the backs of horses and running through the rugged ravines of the Kali Valley.

Cunning cops have made a semi circle to comb the girl out. Unfortunately January's day was not long enough, it was getting dark and the girl was still out of reach.

Their guide Hariya was a local farmer, he knew that these ravines rule over the brain of the trapped human. They led them to their doom swiftly, the girl will freeze in the open night, they can collect her dead body in the morning. But luckily he saw the girl in the dusky hue. Before he could say anything the cop riding beside him shot at the girl. The girl fell down and the rest of the riders rushed towards her.

They were all dejected to see that the girl had fallen from the 500 feet steep ridge and was out of their reach now. The leading cop Dhama seemed disappointed he looked at Hariya who assured them that they shall be at the base of the ridge within ten minutes.

Hariya took them at the base within fifteen minutes, but the girl was not there there was a lot of fresh blood on the ground.

"She is injured, she won't be going far, let's find her boys.

Knight's Assault

CM Jugendra looked at the triumphant team of cops. 

Dhama indicated at a clay den, "She is hiding there, a pack of dogs have helped us to trace her.

Elderly CM looked at his closest allies, Chief Secretary Diwan and IG Gurera and barked, "Go ride her, you always want to take a bite from my leftover."

Gurera smiled and told Dhama to drag her out and brought her in front of them. Dhama moved like a pawn and took Nidhi by her hair and dragged her towards his laughing masters.

"You made videos, nasty videos. You thought you'll go away with all this, you were wrong, I'll cut you into pieces. But before that I'll take another ride, you guys also want a ride? CM looked at his counterparts and laughed.

Nidhi tried to retreat, but Dhama kicked her down and the CM loosened his cloths. He darted like a hawk at Nidhi and crushed her under his big bulk.

Nidhi was writhing and crying, but the beast was not ready to let her go.

Suddenly a strange sound of trrrrrrrrr.........echoed in the valley, the cops and bureaucrats started falling down. Some of them screamed in the pain, some were falling dead without a sound. There was smoke everywhere, a lean figure emerged out of the smoke holding a powerful carbine in his hands.

CM jumped to stand up and tried to fix his cloths, the lean man looked at the degenerated politician turned carbine barrel towards him. He shot without saying a word he made several holes in his thick body. Big bullets were cutting the thick flesh of the CM, its pieces and blood were falling on Nidhi, who was trying to get up.

After the CM the man turned towards the writhing cops and bureaucrats, he again opened fire and silenced them.

Nidhi saw all this massacre, she has stood up now and tried to stop the blood from her wound. The thin man glanced at her and turned back.

"Sangeeta the girl is injured, she needs immediate medical attention." a very deep manly voice echoed in the cold night's silence.

A tall girl rushed towards her and wrapped her in a blanket.

"Who are you.... Who is that man?'' asked Nidhi in her shivering voice.

The girl kept quiet and escorted her towards a horse, helped her to mount on it. In a few minutes they were both rushing towards Jack's farmhouse.

Unwanted Warrior

After one month Jai Kishan alias Jack was sitting in front of the DIG Will City, Balwinder Singh. The burly Sikh cop looked at the thin man who was clad in casual check shirt, regular fit jeans and a leather jacket, nearly fifty years old but looking older. Singh looked in his eyes, which didn't seem to belong to a ruthless killer who had massacred 14 people in Kali Valley including ten talented IPS officers, two bureaucrats and of course the former chief minister of the Yuva Pradesh.

"Do you know there were 14 people massacred in Kali Valley?"

Jack kept quiet and heaved, "Sad...."

"Yeah, very sad, where have you been on the night of the massacre?"

"I'm an old man, I sleep a lot nowadays, perhaps I was in deep sleep at that time."

"Jai Kishan, we don't need you here. You are not above the law, if I ever found the gun, which was used to kill all those people I'll do everything to take you to hanging noose."

Jack yawned and said, "May I go now?"

"Yes of course, you can go. I have no evidence against you, but one day I'll get you."

Rising Sun

Jack came out of the police headquarter. Got into his old battered jeep and started driving towards Colonel Pass. He was thankful to the tea vendor who informed him about the girl who was looking for him. He knew a lot about the girl and his problems. Human hyenas were after her. He had to use more sophisticated carbine on that day, they were all trained killers after all.

Some 8000 km away in the outskirt of Johannesburg Nidhi got up and saw the rising sun from her newly occupied flat. Sangeeta the foster daughter of Jack was still sleeping. Jack had made all the arrangements for her migration. He had fixed a job for her in an architectural firm. Sangeeta will stay with her for some time. Her face wound was fixed by a plastic surgeon. Her face was not as beautiful as it used to be, now. But a whole new horizon was before her and she was ready to move ahead.

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