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Rakesh Kumar

Comedy Horror Thriller


Rakesh Kumar

Comedy Horror Thriller

Angels and Demons - Part 6

Angels and Demons - Part 6

12 mins 183 12 mins 183

Nearly a week after, I was sitting at the river shore when I heard a faint rumbling of a motorcycle engine, inching towards me. In the very next moment, I saw godfather. I could not decide whether to run and hide or just stand still. He came almost running towards me. Slapped. Slapped." Do you think you can stab a knife on my back you behenchod? I have paid you to teach, didn't I? That was the deal. You take the money and you will teach.'' I had never seen him so enraged ever before. I genuinely thought at that moment that, that was the last of me. Thrown into the river with a point-blank gunshot to the head, to become fish food. From the moment I saw him, I knew that he knew about it all. I had no idea what to say to him, but if I had to die, I would prefer to die trying. So I said," I am sorry. I know I have messed up. But it was not all my fault. I have begged her to stop every time." I said. "You think I don't know that you fuck! That is the only reason why I am leaving you alive, she told me. She is mine, only mine. No one can take her away from me. I swear on lord Vishweshara, if I hear that you have laid a finger, a little finger on her again, I will chop you off and throw your bits and pieces in the river as I did to that highway engineer." I was standing like a statue through it all. Horrified with his rage and the smell of liquor and cigarettes. He was also clearly under the effects of some kind of drugs. His voice and mood were changing every minute. I was terrified that if he lost control, that was curtains for me. He suddenly sat down and pulled me along with the same motion.

He then pulled his gun and threw his arm around my shoulder and continued " I had promised someone never to hurt any villagers. But if you go after her, I will have to make an excuse don't I? Listen, Ajay! I know you a good boy. Study well, get a job, take care of your mother. I have heard that your father recently passed away. I'm sorry I couldn't come to his funeral as I was in jail and all, but I will definitely come by your house to meet your mother to give my condolence. After all, your father was a good man. It will not be easy to manage without him. If you need my help with anything, money, job, anything, just ask me, okay? Why spoil all that now Ajay? Why get tangled in my business? Do you really think that you can live longer if you have to look over your shoulder for me every time you step out of your home? I am telling you all this for your own good, and what's better for your mother too.

Everyone thinks that I am a violent person because I have hacked a few, but to tell you the truth, I am a very reasonable person. Honestly. Sometimes I have to do, what I have to do. Everyone has their angel side and demon side. Just because you have known my angel side so far, it will be unwise of you to summon the demon side wouldn't you say?" I had an epiphany. Was Ankita talking about Godfather back then? I had so many questions. I thought Godfather was angry at me for loving Ankita, but what was he talking about she was his and his alone? Does he love her? But how can that be? People know them as father and daughter. What should I do now? I felt sick. When I looked up, he had gone like a puff of smoke.

 I was terrified about the safety of myself and my mother. I rushed immediately home to find Aniket sitting in my room. He heard everything and slapped me for letting go of the chance to have sex with Ankita." What's wrong with you?" I said furiously. "Me! To he'll with you, you tell me what's wrong with you? Do you know I pray to god every single damn day just to see her again? I mean you wasted everything. Wait, don't tell me, should I be afraid, I mean you aren't hijra are you?" I knew that he was trying to underplay the situation with his dumb humor but it wasn't helping me."Please be quiet. Mom is still awake. And please tell me what to do. I am sure that godfather will kill me next time I ever cross his road. You know he kept his gun over my shoulder, right here. I am clueless about what to do now." I said worriedly.

Aniket suddenly leaped from his seat and started kissing my shoulder, " Was it herle? Oh! it musst be soo scarrry. Don't uou worlly now! I willl protecctt yoo baby..." I couldn't control it anymore and laughed aloud while I pushed him to his spot. Though I was laughing, he saw the varnish of looming sadness all over my face. He then sat up straight, "Okay then. Let's kill that son of a bitch. What say you?" He said in a very serious tone. " Please be serious. Wear my shoes and think about this will you?" I said by punching his arm. Then he took a piece of paper and tried to make me understand how we could kill Godfather, for the next hour. It's funny how friends give the most ridiculous solutions when we come up with some problems. Such a solution never helps us with the problem yet it makes us happy and somehow feels better. That night I decided to stop meeting her.

I was attending the exam because I had already paid all the fees for that semester. I was coming from the Aniket's house one evening when I met with the doctor. As I greet him he told me that Ankita had typhoid. I stood there for a while. I was thinking about which path to choose. I was afraid for my life, but it had been weeks since I last saw her. Especially her sickness made me worried. I thought of getting in and out quickly.

 I thought again about it for a while by standing at her doorsteps. That evening was oddly silent, early signs of a storm. I scanned the vicinity again in case any rajdoot was parked in hiding. Then I pushed the door and raised my foot onwards. The entire place was gloomy. There was no one in the drawing-room. I started walking towards Ankita's room. She was sleeping, covered from her head to toes. I went nearer her. Her forehead was drizzled with small sweat drops. She looked like a dew-kissed rose on a winter morning. She probably saw me standing there and woke up and smiled. She asked for water with half-opened eyes. After sipping a few times, she sat against the wall and continued to watch me and smile.

I suddenly got uncomfortable and said," How are you? You are studying every day right. Don't worry; you will be okay within a week. Why are you crying?" She hugged me almost leaping from her spot. Her body was shaking because of the high fever. " Please don't leave me again like that. I will not let you. See what happened to me when you left" She said. She managed to jump back to her spot on the bed quickly as we heard some noise. It was her mother. She was rarely waking up from her bed with the help of a walking stick because of that ankle fracture. "Oh, it's you, Ajay. I thought Rajaram came back. Son will you please stay tonight to give medicine to Ankita?" I don't know why I nodded my head automatically. She was pleased with my affirmation, (both of them were). I was worried about what to do if godfather shows up.

Then Mrs. Mishra gave me a crash course on which medicine to give and how to write down the temperature every 2 hours. I heard everything attentively and sat at the bedside chair after she left. Ankita handed over a storybook and asked me to read it to her. It was the story of Sindbad, a sailor who sailed the sea 7 times. In all those 7 sails how he faces numerous hurdles and adventures. She kept looking at my face as I was continuing reading. During the reading, my feet hit with something and rolled onwards with a crackling sound. I peaked under the bed to investigate. I caught something, a small glass bottle of something. I brought it to light to check if any medicine I dropped from the table. "What he'll is this rat poison is doing under your bed?" I screamed as I saw the label on the bottle. "This is for the rats; keep it back again where it was. Don't change the topic, please continue the story. This is where it gets good," she said deliriously.

I stopped reading as I saw her falling sleeping. Then I came outside switching off the lights to get some air. It wouldn't be more than 9.30 PM at night. I suddenly remembered that I had not told mom about my night stay. So I took my cycle to inform her so she wouldn't be worried. After I told Mom, I thought of taking some books as well to study in between. While paddling through the dark night with a rucksack, I saw the rajdoot parked outside Mishra's residency. I jumped up from the cycle and ran to hide in the nearby bushes. After a couple of minutes, I came outside to peak around. Then I went to look for my cycle. The night was really dark as it was an Amavasya. As I found my cycle in the darkness somehow and saw light coming out from Ankita's room window. I thought again to return home. Then I slapped myself and went towards the window, I was curious. I hide fully in the nearby bush by the window and tried to peek inside. The next moment I saw Godfather was on top of Ankita and running his hand all over her body and she was still asleep perhaps. I was speechless. I was witnessing a fully grown person molesting a girl, almost the age of his daughter. Then I heard her voice, " Why are you here? I have told you that it's over between us. Then what are you here for? I have told you I love Ajay and I can't live without him. Please let me live in peace. I am begging you." Ankita said.

She was standing like a ghostly figure. Godfather was sitting on the corner of the bed. " You dumb stupid bitch! Have you ever tried to understand how much I love you? I have seen you in my dreams. Remember that day when you were sick just like this and I was sitting right here when you begged me to hug you. Now all of a sudden, I am the bad guy! You are mine now and I am not letting you go anywhere " Godfather almost screamed. Ankita started to cry. She broke down and said," I made a mistake that day okay. I never can forgive myself for that. And you said that you love me. You just cared about my body for all these years, not me. I never will have my feeling for you. You have to let me go or else I will tell everyone the things you have done to me." "You are threatening ME? and for what! for that fuking low life? Don't you remember me my sweet doll? " Grandfather said almost hysterically. " I do remember. But what if I will tell my mom about you?" Ankita said softly. I was spellbound. Godfather sat on the bed with his eyes closed for a while. Then said," Fine, I will leave you with a promise that I will never come into your life ever again. But you have to satisfy me for one last time, just the way I like it." "Rajaram this madness has to be stopped. I am not anymore your puppet to be played with," Ankita replied.

I was surprised to see how Ankita was speaking to Godfather. Godfather gave a wild laugh, like the typical Bollywood movie villain of the late 90ies. "My sweet little slut, have you forgot what I have of you? You can't threaten me with anything. You have nothing. So do as I said and I will leave, or else..." I couldn't hear the last part of the conversation as I saw him pushing Ankita to the bed, laughing while doing it. She covered her face with her hands and sat without any words. Then she nodded silently. Godfather smirked and then got up to switch off the lights. I was not sure of the events that were unfolding before me. Before the lights go off, Ankita said," No. Not here. Let's go to your house. If it has to be, then let's do it how we used to. Start your bike, I am coming." Godfather was surprised." But You barely can wake up. Are you sure you want to go to my house?" He asked. Ankita gazed at her, she was not crying anymore. " Nothing to worry about. I must have to back soon. Mom wakes up frequently during the night," she said calmly. Godfather smiled back at her and left the room.

I was not sure what to do, should I go back home and forget everything I saw or should I go through it all. I was unsure. Then I saw Ankita getting up to the water pitcher, taking some sips. Then she took out her shawl from the closet, then bend down near the table, and then got off to switch off the lights and left the room. Suddenly a flash fell on me. It was the headlights of the Rajdoot. Somehow I manage to go again into the bush to stay out of Godfather's sight. I saw a shadow coming out from Mishra's residency and sitting in the back of the Rajdoot. Then the Rajdoot headed into the darkness of the night.

 I came out of the bush. It was probably midnight by then. I thought again to silently return home. I knew that going to Godfather's house will be similar to stepping into Lion's den. I slapped myself again and picked up my cycle then thrust the paddles as hard as I could. be continued in the last part

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