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Rakesh Kumar

Drama Romance Tragedy


Rakesh Kumar

Drama Romance Tragedy

Angels and Demons - Part 5

Angels and Demons - Part 5

8 mins 251 8 mins 251

I was absolutely surprised to see her level of commitment towards study from the very next day onwards. I couldn't believe my eyes that the girl who once was not sitting with the book for 20 min. straight, now was urging me to teach her everything. She began doing well. Finished every homework I gave and completed every lesson I assigned. So we prepared a special timetable for her study to bring a little discipline into everything. Of course, it included a walk to Ringtone Dhabba every Sunday evening. 

One day I met with the village school headmaster." Hey Jiten, Where are you heading?" He knew me quite well as he was my teacher once and besides, he was a good friend of my father.

" How are you? You really are a wizard. God knows how you did it but you literally changed that girl upside down. You know what she got the pass mark in every subject of this monthly exam, for the first time in 3 years. I could not believe it when her class teacher gave me her report card. But it is absolutely true. I really don't know how you pulled it off but I want to see more of that. Will you be interested to come and teach our children too? In our school? Maybe you can take some classes. Don't worry, if you agree I will talk with your father." He was noticeably overjoyed.

" I am sorry Sir, but I have to say no. I don't like leaving things mid-way, sir, and right now with my college and this tuition, I hardly get a breather. I am truly honored that you asked me sir, but I can not accept it. Besides, I really have not done anything special. It's Ankita who should be congratulated." The headmaster was an old man. He had seen many people throughout his life. He could recognize a person from just a simple conversation. He was like a father figure for me. After hearing my reply, he paused for a while then spit the red jet of the pan and said, " It takes courage to give someone confidence. My offer still stands. Whenever you want to come to school to take a class or two, just let me know. Okay?" I humbly nodded my head.

He then lifted his cycle paddle to leave but abruptly said in a lower voice, " Ajay, people are talking about you two. You are like my own son hence I am telling you, please don't mind but you are young. You don't know about them. Keep your distance from her." I didn't know what to say. I just bowed to him with folded hands and continued on my way.

I was a little late getting to her house that evening. She was sitting at her study table writing something. She was wearing a white Kurti with red polka dots all over it. She was looking just like that Barbie. I sat quietly for a while. After some time Mrs. Mishra came to the drawing-room to get something while she noticed me. "Ajay, my boy! I am so happy for you. Have you heard? She got passing marks in all the subjects. Thank you so much for giving so much joy to a widow. I had never thought of living to see this day in my life. Oh, I am so happy." She came to the study table and kissed Ankita with tearful eyes. The achievements of the children always give heavenly joy to the parents. "Mom, will you please go inside! You are embarrassing me." Ankita said blushingly. Then she looked at me. She was very happy. I could say that just by seeing her eyes. I gave her a pinch on the arm & signaled to re-concentrate.

After an hour or so the power went out suddenly. I asked her to light a candle or bring the oil lamp, but she asked to wait for the power to come back. I was absently thinking about out how to complete my drawing assignments if the power cut lasted the whole night. I felt her fingers on my palm. She was playing with my fingers cheekily. It was unspeakably good. My heart stopped for some seconds. I suddenly felt thirsty. Then she took my hand and placed it on her chest. My whole body just frizzed. I had never expected it. Then she started kissing me all over my face. That was the first time I kissed a girl or I should say kissed by a girl on the lips. Ahh! it was amazing. "Love me Ajay" she whispered in my ears. I could not think of anything at that moment. I was not sure what to do next. I was thinking of taking off my t-shirt and join her with passion. Then I realized the situation and where we were.

Suddenly I remembered the headmasters' words and stopped." What are you doing Ankita? Have you gone mad? Who told you all these?" I said.

"I love you, Ajay. I can't think of anybody else these days. I can't live without you. I feel things when I am with you. I can't explain what I feel. I feel warm and cold at the same time. To be honest I don't know what I feel when I see you. I want you to hold me, Ajay. Don't you love me?" I was out of words.

I then slid myself under her and sat quietly. I don't remember the thoughts that were going through me through that room full of darkness, "Why me?" I said. " I mean I am not the most handsome guy you will meet in your life; I don't belong from a rich family either. So why do you love me?"

She was upset with my reaction I guessed. She said," I know all that. I don't know what love is but when you are not around me, I wish I could see more of you, hear more of you. I wish I could have an evening with you holding my hands sitting in a meadow under the starlight. Somehow you see something in me which even I didn't know I had. You inspire me to be a better me. When you leave every evening after the class I feel that pain inside but when I see you the next day, each part of my body starts to celebrate. I suddenly see more, hear more, feel more. The very inevitability of keeping you closer to me makes me cherish every single moment of my time with you every day. I wish I could explain it in any other way of how I feel about you but I fail. That's why I love you. You are my inspiration. My angel"

I was lost for words. I never had a real relationship before. She had her head on my chest. I could feel her warm breath on my chest. Tears were rolling down from her eyes. The power suddenly came without any prior notice. We were lucky that no one was around to see us in that position otherwise all the rumors about us would have proved to be true. I got up to straightened my clothes and sat with keeping a little distance. I tried to keep myself composed but I lost it in the end. "Enough for the day. I should go. I have to finish some of my assignments" I said. 

Before I could leave, we suddenly heard a huge sound from the inside. "You okay mom?" Ankita screamed while rushing in. I could not decide whether to leave or stay. Ankita came back running with tears. "Mom….mom… Ajay, my mom" she said almost out of breath. I ran with her inside to see what had happened. Her mother slipped on the bathroom floor. Her head collided with the marble wall and was bleeding. Ankita was crying by holding her with her arms. I ran towards my cycle to get to the doctor. I found the doctor in his quarter and told him the details on the way. After checking, the doctor told that there was nothing to worry about. Only her ankle was a bit fractured which would take at least a month to be normal again. Then he left by putting the saline. There was a huge crowd outside trying and enacting the entire incident. I took my cycle to drop the doctor back in his quarter.

I told Ankita to self-study for two weeks as I was preparing for my upcoming semester exam. She used to come to my home whenever she had any problems with the study. She used to hug or kiss me when no one was around. But the happy times never stay forever. It slaps all to the position it wants. One day when I got back from college, I saw a huge crowd in front of our house. As I passed all with surprise, I met Aniket. He had tears in his eyes. I asked him what happened but he could not tell a word. I was scared and asked him again. He tried to tell me again but choked. I made him sit on the floor and I walked forward making my way through the crowd. I saw my mom sitting on the floor, smashing her bangles and shrieking. Few women were holding her arms and trying to get control of her. I frizzed as I saw. It was dad. I was speechless. My leg trembled and I fell down. Someone sprinkled some water on my face. I woke up. I was not screaming. Only the tears kept on rolling on my face. We finished all the cremation rituals later that evening. Dad was returning from the village market with some vegetables and fish when a truck ran over him. Aniket told me that later. I had never thought of managing the house without a dad. I started thinking about doing some job. I had heard that no one returns from Pune without getting a job. I told to mom about this one night. She was quiet since dad passed away. She heard everything and shook her head and asked to complete the semester at least. I covered her feet with a blanket and came out of her room.


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