Norah Bolubatolu Ratu



Norah Bolubatolu Ratu


Am Falling

Am Falling

1 min

Those sugary sprinkles on my tongue I but can not hold back.

Dripping dropping damping I get the chills running down my spine

Quietly quickening my emotions that for years soundly slept in dark pitched silence

My racing throbbing heart uncontrollable rising the temperature high

Excitement emerging erupting out from deep within 

My lips longing to let it go and just tell the whole world 

Silent screams shaking violently within  finding a better time to get it out of my system 

I beg my heart to settle down and allow me to think

 Pleading day and night to calm down so I can shout it out

But all those attempts are in vain I shyly retreat into my comfort zone of silence

Am falling fast facing facts so  I must admit

Am falling in love with you

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