Norah Bolubatolu Ratu

Abstract Drama


Norah Bolubatolu Ratu

Abstract Drama

Beauty Within

Beauty Within

1 min

The eyes are caught off guard 

To tag along in life

The outward beauty bring smiles

Laughter and lots of fun just for that moment

Soon all is bitter lemon juice

The words strangling the speech

That find no way out to escape

But sink into a cage of silence 

Where the heart that is full of compassion

It finds to heal the broken and nurse the sick

Seek not the lust of the flesh but seek to help to bring out

Is what the eyes find no pleasure in

And turns it back to such a caring heart

Beauty within takes time to find

Years of searching and years of patiently waiting

So many never get to find such a heart 

To soon sink into the death trap they themselves set

Live a life of regret till their last breath

For the eyes did choose the cover of the book

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