Norah Bolubatolu Ratu

Abstract Drama


Norah Bolubatolu Ratu

Abstract Drama

The Beast

The Beast

2 mins

Reminiscing the beautiful past lies the unspoken lines and the dreams that lie buried in her mind.

Jayne had met life with courage for in it she learnt to be strong alone 

Her past was a path she visit only to pick up the lessons learnt from it.

One night while online she met a guy who disguised himself. He was the cover of the book of his life.

Few chats led into a relationship she thought was the answer to her living her dream. But little did she know it was to be a nightmare for her 

Just a week rolled by and his true colours bloomed . A drunkard he turned out to be . A beast he soon became when she almost lost her son to him.

Those screens of fear haunted her for two years. She would hear her son yelling between sobs I'm sorry please stop. All were to deaf ears. That was an experience she promised herself to never put her son through again.

Though miles away from where it all happened. The beast is following her hoping she'd change her mind. She wish not to be tortured by him and his cruelty to her children and her ever again.

Makes me wonder how many more in this world live under the raging flames of words from their partners. But who like me sink into the depth of fear and surround ourselves with tears. We feel no way out for we are silenced by our fears. Fear in itself is a beast that overpowers the mind and weakens the voice in us.

I found my way out by believing and trusting God to set me free from this cage of fear. I eventually left after 6 years of being a prisoner to fear.I left both the guy and buried my fears on the shores of the place I called home 

I am a free person today like Jayne got over the beasts in my life and am not thinking of searching for another partner . Am happy the way I am. A single mother for now 

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