Norah Bolubatolu Ratu

Abstract Drama


Norah Bolubatolu Ratu

Abstract Drama

Heart of Stone

Heart of Stone

2 mins

His request to see the city where once he trained and lived was granted. From his humble beginnings he set sail with a bag and his faithful son for the provincial headquarters. 

The sight was breathtaking as he recalled those years when he once served out there as a Health Extension Officer 

A night out there saw him the following day on board the Nation's airline carrier Air Niugini bound for Port Moresby.

He was welcomed with tears and hugs from his two daughters and grandchildren including two greatgrand children. 

Christmas in the city brought back years of fun and laughter. The eating and sharing of the good and the bad times encountered along the journey of life.

Yet he still had to wait for the eldest daughter and first grandson who were yet to reach the city.

The day Jayne arrived in the city she could not hold back her tears for before her was an old worn drained weak man playing his usual card game in the room.

"Daddy blo mi , daddy blo mi , you liklik now". ("My daddy, my daddy you're so small in built). She like a scanner looked him up and down. Unbelievable was the sight before her. But she was thankful to God for the protection of his life. She was blessed to see her father again now at 86 years old.

Three weeks later her son (her father's namesake) joined them. His entire family was now with him in the city 

That was joy unspeakable that filled his heart but he missed the grandson he left behind on their island home, Trobriand Island.

The weeks rolled on and it was time to return. His eldest daughter and her sons departed the shores of the city.  The tears he cried only God knows the pain in his heart.

Along came his day of departure. His weak eyes travelled the road as far as his eyes could take him. Hoping praying and waiting he'd see his daughter's face for the last time. But all went in vain. With his grandchildren, for the last time, tears fell like waterfall. Splashing as if washing away the pain he wishes not to carry with him. He walked away with a strong mind life still goes on.

A heart of stone she has for whatever reason only time will tell if she will ever make it home to see her dad. 

He loves her still for he knows she had her reasons but will never ask her why 

Let it be for now she may hopefully find time to forgive whatever is there to forgive.


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