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Norah Bolubatolu Ratu

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Where To From Here

Where To From Here

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Shabanah yells 'Stop !"Stop! 'Am tired and exhausted my mind needs to rest a while. 'Am I not as important to be granted peace and quiet for just this once?'

Her ears have become accustomed to the fights the quarrels between her parents. She was lost in a world of uncertainty . She had to find a way out of the mix up and muddles of life.

Shabanah is in year 10. She has been on and off school not her doings but that of her father. He had been in remote schools which disadvantaged his daughter to proper education.

The last in the family of three she is struggling to read and write. Her spoken English is her strength. It will take her to places.

If she has to get through to the next grade it would mean time is precious and she'd need to find a way to get help from her friends and her subject teachers.

Time is catching up on her. All I can hope for would be divine intervention for her. 

For she has no one at home to help her out with her studies.

She wants to be a teacher like her father but sadly the father has no time for her.

The question I pose is Where to from here

Only time will tell.

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