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Harmony, Untold Story

Harmony, Untold Story

10 mins

Maya was completely broken into tears when she was opening up to diary pages. She couldn't find another way to get out of that pain. Maya was thinking "Is it me, so silly and spreading tears for someone. How could I change in such a drastic way? Have I really gone mad at this age?" She sighed and sat back in her rocking chair. 

Whirlwind romance happens for people when they are in their teenage. But love at the middle age. So strange, right? If God has supposed some incidents to happen, who are we to stop that? Maya finally decided to pen down her life-changing incident into a story. She thought, let the readers decide, right or wrong. 

Maya Menon, a middle-aged lady is the central character and Jay, a handsome gentleman, supporting role. Let's dive into their story. 

Maya, senior project manager of the IT team in a renowned company. She was so stubborn and a good team leader. Everyone liked her for the way she worked. Her stubbornness may because of the situation, she came across in her life. Maya was very good at Academics when she was young. She engaged herself in various activities during her school days and college days. She was renowned as "nimisha kavi" as she used to write poems and narrations very fast and she gave life to a lot many poems during those days. In fact, she was the pet of all the teachers. 

She was so curious to learn and made successful not falling into love. Days passed on. Her parents, being very much orthodox, found a pair for her, and she had to agree to that. She got married before she could complete her studies. But she wrote her exams just a few days before her marriage. She was married to a person who was not at all similar to that of her tastes. She knew the value of marriage and tried to adjust to him. She skillfully took up the job of a housewife and made the home, a happy home. She cooked for them, she did all the household works, but slowly she was missing her originality. 

She wanted to dance to the rhythm of music, she wanted to write heart touching poems but she couldn't make it. There were none to encourage her or none to understand what she really wanted. She found it very difficult at the beginning. Later on, it became a habit. She stopped penning down her thoughts and feelings. Her life started to be like a machine. 

Her husband, an It professional, could find no time to make out what she really need. For him, she was like a pillow to fall back on after the day's hard work. He thought that hugging her tightly and tickling her senses will make her happy as a wife. Maya, being afraid of her family status was just quiet and feeling its ok, being a dummy in the bed. 

He was very good enough to fulfill her needs. She got everything at her doorstep, he made each and every single requirement complete ast the fraction of seconds. After two years of their marriage, they were blessed with a baby girl and Maya's responsibilities became more. She took it as a boon by spending much time with her child. She enjoyed her motherhood. 

Maya never wanted to lose her education, so she joined a small company with her husband's permission. She managed to take care of the family as well as the job in an excellent way. She performed very well and got promotions. Her life became like a machine.

 Nothing happens in life intentionally. Everything happens according to his will. Maybe, for that reason, she was unable to make out, why Jay has become her strength and weaknesses. People may find it peculiar, a relationship between people of different age levels. If God proposes something to happen, how can human beings stop that? 

By the passage of time, Maya was promoted as the senior project manager. She led her life, like a machine, were feelings didn't have any value. She became accustomed to the busy schedule of life. Days started with an enormous list of duties to complete. She dedicated life to her family. Each and every demand of all family members were met. But somewhere she missed her originality. She used to sigh, recalling her life as a butterfly when she was young. Ropes of responsibilities had tied her delicate legs before flying to the beauty of the world. Her talents had a power failure all of a sudden. 

She skillfully managed the challenges of life, even when it was a hard nut to crack. She didn't even realize, how life changed in a drastic way. But at times, she had a funny thought of sitting in a time machine and going back to the past. Hahaha, imagination doesn't have any boundaries. In the course of time, she changed from a butterfly to a bird of burden. People started to murmur, "what kind of lady she is- too harsh". She neither cared for their Gossips nor even their sarcastic looks. 

As the usual company has hired a few new people as some birds migrate for better bread and butter. Jay, a junior employee, was efficient and very soft-spoken. He became in good books with everyone in a short span of time. IT companies used to keep some group games once in a blue moon to bring the people to close together as a team. Different teams were together on that day. The games were going on. Maya didn't participate in all the games. She had a lot of work pressure and she just wanted to escape from all these. 

There was an announcement, the last game, who haven't participated yet have to participate in this game. The game was JAM- just a minute. The participants were supposed to speak about how they came up in their life. Maya's turn, everyone was eager to hear from her. Two big eyes were watching her continuously and she couldn't make out that. She spoke her life and everybody clapped after her speech. Jay was the only one who could sense her pain. After the games, everyone left for their works. Jay followed Maya to congratulate her on the speech. 

Jay told, "Ma'am, you spoke really well. I am really impressed. A lady from an orthodox background has achieved steps of success. It is unbelievable!" 

Maya smiled and showed her gratitude by saying thank you. She rushed up to her seat to complete the day's work. It was 5 and she was about to leave her cabin. Jay was coming through that way, so he accompanied her till the gate. Jay was a bit doubtful to ask about her full life story as he knew she was like an atom bomb and don't know when it will burst. Somehow he tried to ask her, why there was an unbearable pain in her words. Maya was astonished, how he has come to know that, she was really suppressed. Without a second thought, she gave some hint to her life. 

From that day, it became habitual that whenever Jay meets Maya, he used to give a pleasant smile to her and this went on and nobody was able to make out this growing up relation inside the office. Maya was feeling a kind of happiness when she looked at Jay. As the office was not the right platform to talk, they exchanged phone numbers. Both used to text regularly after working hours. Sometimes Maya used to call when she is free from her household work. The relationship grew up. Jay, who was also a poet, came to know about Maya's talent in writing poems. He asked her to share her poem with him. 

The chat through the phone went like this. 

Maya: Hai Jay, had your coffee? 

Jay: hm, just now. What abt the poem? 

Maya: I told you, I have stopped writing long back. Even my parents were not so supportive to keep my poems, they sold it along with the papers. I haven't written anything after my marriage. 

Jay: There may be a lot of reasons for not writing. But I would love to read your piece of work. I really mean it. 

Maya: I will try my best. Ok, bye. 

Maya wrote a few poems which she shared with him. He read the poems in front of her and appreciated her. Her joy knew no boundaries. There is someone who really loves to read my works. She was overwhelmed. Their relationship turned to a new route from then on. Maya's eyes were in search of Jay as soon as she reaches the office. Same with Jay also. If he missed seeing her, he used to roam around keeping a file in hand in search of her. 

Jay has become her reason for life now. She sometimes prepared delicious food for Jay and even he enjoyed it very much. Days passed on. God always has given bitter experiences to Maya. One day, Jay told about an opportunity that he got to go to Australia. Maya was really shocked. Maya knew that it is going to be a turning point in Jay's life. If I stop him, that will be an injustice. Maya forced him to apply for it. 

Jay applied for the job and got selected. Jay wanted to convey this to Maya. Maya was in her cabin along with a few of her colleagues while Jay stepped in and told about the good news. Everyone congratulated him, including Maya. 

Maya's life can never afford happiness. She was so happy to have Jay in her life... She was afraid if Jay goes, my life is going to be the same as before. Mechanical, like a doll, dancing on winding up the screw. She went home early that evening. After reaching home, she called Jay. As soon as she heard his voice on the other end, she started crying like a baby. Jay listened to her cry which lasted for 15-20 minutes. He knew it was her heart getting broken into pieces. Jay consoled her. He promised that you will never be pushed back to the same way of life until he is alive. 

After a few days, Jay went to Australia and Maya was really upset. She missed Jay's presence in the office. She stopped caring for herself. She became ill. Because of the new workplace pressure, Jay was unable to contact her. One day when Jay called her, she couldn't pick up the call. He called to her office, he spoke to Maya and a few other friends. From someone, he came to know about the health of Maya. 

Jay called Maya on the same day evening. He scolded her for being so careless about health. Later on, he consoled her. She got accustomed to the new way of life, slowly as challenges were always her cup of tea. Days went on. Maya was looking into the calendar, it's already six months, Jay had gone to Australia but feels like years together. She texted him, reminding him about his birthday. He was so happy that she remembered his birthday. But Jay was not sure about meeting her. So he kept quiet. 

On his birthday, she sent a message wishing him. After that, she got ready to office as it was getting late. She sighed, on his thoughts. She tried calling him, but the voice message said that number is not reachable. She started her works as it was the weekend and she had to submit the whole week's work report. She got so involved in the work, at that time she heard a knock at her door. She just looked up and saw her Jay was standing in front of her. She was on cloud nine and tried to stop her tears of joy. Life hasn't given her any surprises ever before. In the evening, they met and planned to for the temple on the next day. Maya made sure to take the birthday gift, which was wrapped and kept for him. 

Both offered prayers to Lord Krishna, a symbol of universal love. They sat in a calm place after the prayers. For a few minutes, both were looking into each other's eyes. Jay knew Maya will start crying, so he convinced her that his support will always be there in her life. She promised him that she will take proper care of her health as he wished. He made her promise that she will have some concern about her own life. 

Birds on the banyan tree, sung songs for them, while they passed on their feelings and worries to each other. While returning, Maya felt very light as Jay always keeps his promises. The next day when Jay was going to the airport, Maya was feeling so happy, Jay, cares for me, always. 

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