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Acchawala Din - Happiest days

Acchawala Din - Happiest days

7 mins

I was sitting near the window, looking at the birds flying high. Is it really me who is going across such foolish thoughts? How am I supposed to be so light hearted? Her thoughts suddenly got hooked up with the memories, some sweet and some too bitter. 

Nothing happens in life intentionally. Everything happens according to his will. May be, that's the reason she was unable to make out, why Jay has become her strength and weakness. It may be peculiar to the people that why such a relationship between people of different age levels. The positive vibes between people and some connections between people won't take the age difference into account. 

A number of thoughts arrayed, how could he sense her feelings by simply looking into her eyes. And for both, the conversation through eyes mattered more than the verbal communication. The story begins like this. 

The busiest metropolitan city, crowded as usual. Far away from the crowd was their workplace, where one could breathe some fresh air. The renowned company had appointed few new employees. That happens every year as some birds fly away from their nest. The new employees always gets hearty welcome by others. New acquaintance, new mode of life. 

Companies always introduce some or the other group games to build up the team spirit. One such game changed the life of Maya. Maya menon, a senior employee, was too rough and tough with her subordinates. Group games made everyone to feel at ease. One of the activity was speaking about the unforgettable incident or reason for the success in life. Everybody spoke their mind. Mrs. Maya went near to the podium, this was really unexpected, she was not looking at anybody's face. Her eyes were focused on the tip of the pen, while she was telling about her struggle how she came up in life. She was able to share her experience without even making the others feel, how serious it was. But there was one person who has really been listening so curiously and could recognise the ocean which was hidden behind her eyes. 

soon after the group games, all dispersed for lunch. Jay went near to Maya, while she was trying to hide her face and escape from the crowd who were appreciating her speech. Jay, being so soft spoken Maya couldn't show her aggressive nature in front of him. She spoke to him for another ten minutes, which changed her life in an irreversible manner. She didn't recognise that she is losing herself to him while her sorrows were flooding. She kept quite for a while and then went back to her home in a cab. 

Mrs. Maya, team lead for the project team, well settled, with her family in the same city, led her life, like a machine, were feelings didn't have any value. She was accustomed to that busy schedule and way of life. Day starts with enormous list of duties to complete. It's true that her life was dedicated to the family. Each and every demands of the family members were met. But some where she missed her originality. She used to sigh, recollecting her life as a butterfly when she was young. Ropes of responsibility had tied her delicate legs before flying to the beauty of the world. Her talents knew no bounds and all of a sudden, there was a power failure in that aspect of her life. 

She skillfully managed the challenges of life, even when it was a hard nut to crack. She didn't even realise, when her life has changed in a drastic way. But at times, she had a funny thought of sitting in a time machine and going back to the past. Haaha, imagination does not have any boundaries. On the course of time she changed from a butterfly to a bird of burden. People started to murmur," what kind of lady she is"-too harsh. She neither cared for their gossip nor even their sarcastic looks. 

Maya, felt so happy to go to office on that day, "Oh, there is someone who can understand me well". As soon as she had done with her daily chores, she dressed up well, and got ready to office There was a pleasant smile on her face. Finally, there is some one to be called as a friend. She started thinking, how can a colleague become a friend, 'no', that shouldn't happen. Misconception blurred her views. She started her work sitting in front of the system by giving no chance to end up in any kind of trouble. Jay entered her cabin with a smile, wishing a happy morning. She looked at his face, answering with a pleasant smile. 

It became habitual that whenever they met in the work place, they use to communicate with their smile. She was so happy that she has got a good friend finally. Days went on, jay became an unavoidable part of Maya's life. Jay was there with her as solution for her problems. She started to feel, flying like a butterfly as some aspects of her childhood, sprouted because of Jay's presence. Jay appreciated her talent and attitudes, where as no one else cared for her. Maya was enjoying her life as a human being, not as a machine. 

Maya's life can't afford happiness. That day was the worst day ever in her life when Jay came with a good news that he has got a job in Australia. Obviously she was happy for the opportunity. But parting from the best friend! She took the delicious sweet from his hand. As soon as he left her cabin, she burst into tears. She couldn't make out what had happened to her all of a sudden. Aggressive lady, crying in a childish way. At that moment of time, somebody knocked the door of her cabin. She was being invited for the farewell party for Jay. 

The party was awesome and Maya was able to hide her sorrow from everyone except Jay. He could sense the tear which was about to jump out. Every one went home after the party. Maya picked her mobile and called Jay for the first time. She wept for few minutes, being unable to talk. Jay consoled her, assured her that the friendship which was built between them will last forever. He made her to realise that suppressing feelings is not the real life. He spoke for an hour to make her feel comfortable. He was really moulding her life into another mode, to a sensitive creature rather than a machine. But however, she was unable to bear the pain of losing a friend from her vicinity. 

She started becoming careless about her food, brainstorming about the life, which is about to come. She felt that her life is going to be the same as usual, just like a doll dancing, while the screw is wind up. She made herself feel like the best actor by showing up, her life is going well as usual. One fine day, Jay went to Australia and joined his new work place. At the same time Jay made sure to be in touch with Maya. She felt happy, "my friend is always there with me".

Both were busy with their work schedules but made sure that they communicated to each other. Maya expressed her wish to meet Jay, after a long period of time. Jay in turn told her, the chances are less that he can make out the trip. Maya felt sad, but made up her mind, as a friend's future was more important for her. She wrapped the gift and kept it inside the shelf. Days passed on. She suddenly looked the date marked in the calendar. It was his birthday, she took her phone and called him. But unfortunately, the voice message that the phone is switched off made her feel disappointed. As it was too late for the office, she got ready and rushed to the office.

The day was as busy as other days she had at the office. She was completing the file submission work for the weekend. Then she heard a knock on the door. The door was opened and she was so surprised to see Jay in front of her with a pleasant smile. Her joy had no limits. For a moment she forgot it's his birthday, later on she wished him on his special day.

He went back, promising to meet her, the very next day. Jay kept his promise and took her to temple. Maya realised one thing, there are few people, who really value the relationship and keep up their words. Jay said to her calmly, the life may take people through various paths which may have ups and downs, but one should make sure that they are living for themselves as well as their fellow beings. Maya recognized that till then, she was living to satisfy everyone's needs. She was overwhelmed to hear the piece of advice from her best friend.

This time when he was about to go to airport, Maya was the happiest person in the world as she knew, friendship has no boundaries. 

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