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Tragedy Classics Inspirational


Debopoma Bhattacharjee

Tragedy Classics Inspirational

What Is An Eccedentesiast?

What Is An Eccedentesiast?

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I hide my tears,

And show a fake smile.

My tears roll down,

Behind my mask.

I know not-

Who I am?

I knew not-

What I am?

I show the world-

I am strong.

But inside

I am just broken!

This facade that I wear-

Will never come down!

For now, I know 

Truly what I am!

Break me, Cut me,

Taunt me, Tease me,

But you'll never see my tears.

Because I'll always be wearing my facade

Love? I can't be loved!

Family? I don't have one!

Wealth? I don't want it!

True Happiness? I never owned it!

All you'll see are my fake smiles,

Hiding my true tears.

You'll never get a hint of my pain,

Because that's what it means,

To be an Eccedentesiast !!! 

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