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Unto The Last

Unto The Last

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Unto the last

Unforgettable dream. 

Long back seen

But still fresh 

In memory

A cute little girl

In frock full of frill

Coming down the hill

Running with hands spread

Blooming a charming smile broad

Enchanted I stared

In that serene wilderness

With no one visible in the yonder

My breath held 

It was just the girl and l

And no other human around. 

I opened my arms wide and

The cute girl was reaching me. 

The feeling and scene captured

And stored in my memory for eternity. 

No words, No exchanges, 

Just the hold, 

The warm cozy cuddle and 

The soft feel captivated my soul. 

It is the feel that lingers on

And hovers on my head 

The serene wilderness, 

The cute child, 

The warm soft cuddle,  

Just my soul and the feel

Stay with me for ever. 

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