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  Justice one seeks

When crime takes place.. 

The rules of law

The rules of humanity

The rules of the system

Being the guidelines... 

The simple citizen


God fearing




Looks up to the enforcement 

And judiciary in patience.... 

A crime is a crime by all means. 

But however.... 

For sick acts

Crime against the innocent, 

Crime against the weak

Brutal acts, fatal blows.. 

The heart aches, 

The pain mounts, 

And nothing heals, and

Something hurts forever

No compensation balances, 

No punishment pacifies. 

Justice in those cases... 

 Then is just a

A consolation for the loss

And not a victory to jubilate

Because the losses can

Never be made out.. 


Still it provides:

A hope for a better future

And better times. 

And a better society. 

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