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Children Stories Drama Others

The Journey Is On

The Journey Is On

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Time travel......

The journey is ever on

Very personal yet universal

This soul is always on rampage

Ever swinging like a pendulum

From past to future via present. 

The boarding pass is ever ready

This time travel is sometimes just a walk, 

Sometimes a tedious trek,

Sometimes a flight and sometimes a sail, 

A voyage or an excruciating marathon. 

Whatever is the mode, the rider is always the self

The experiences of the ride are numerous

They include all genres of literature and drama

Horror, adventure, comedy, romance, tragic, 

Magical, mixed and bountiful... 

This solo journey has fellows, friends, foes

Relations and strangers... 

We have everyone but no one can actually

Peep into into our travel. 

 Here I am the judge, sometimes the victim,

Sometimes the protagonist and sometimes 

The critic of the life, sorrows and joys

This is a bridge between the past present, 

Past to future and future to the present

A window to the potential and creative

This travel is unique to the self

But common to all with the mind.

We live it every day..


Written in free verse.

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