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The Rebel's Road

The Rebel's Road

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The Road Not Taken

The Rebel's Road

I encounter many paths

But I take the one

That fascinates me

And it is always "the road not taken"

The pull of the unknown

Takes me in its lap

And I always trod on 

The road not taken

Many scorns and

Many sneers always 

Await me, ever ever

eager to criticize my ways

It made me neglected

It made me isolated

It, for a while, made me lonely

And also it made me dejected

But only for a while

But, Challenges of the unknown

And the uncertainties inspired me

And relentlessly I continued.. 

Only to witness a magic 

The magic of the universe

Mysteries unfolding and 

The bliss of the majesty

The abundant beauties

All awaited me.. 

The untainted road gifted me

Pleasures and treasures in bounty

With life in the other forms aiding me. 

No question of losing the self

With the universe standing by

On this trail I had.. 

My rendezvous with my courage and 

My unfettered faith

It made this life worthwhile

Made my worth count and now

I feel enlightened and victorious 

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