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The Mission Abandoned

The Mission Abandoned

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A secret mission

Set out on a quest to unveil

The hidden me 

Behind the Sweet and gentle

A polished and pleasing image

There lay a stranger

To meet whom

The mission began

As the quest started

Doors and windows

To that inner self unveiled,

Giving shakes and quakes,

To my witness soul...

I met a stranger living in me

Nowhere similar

No way pleasant

Holding the qualities

I detested seeing in others

Is it the real me?

If so, then,

Why do I exhibit

The opposite self?

Is it the conscious effort

To suppress the bad one?

Do I even know this person?...

No, this person is a total stranger

Probably it is the writer in me

He is creating this personality.

Maybe a character of my future play.

It can't be my alter ego.


The Mission Abandoned...

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