Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

krishma kakkar



krishma kakkar


Down The Memory Lane

Down The Memory Lane

2 mins

At ten, the roads are green and I am a cherry queen.

Dates, Walnuts, Plums are my desires and my dreams.

Clouds are my dreams, rain is my desire.

Wet roads, mud smell are the driving forces,

Reminding me, Don't give up!

Dark clouds and gloomy days will always be there.

Amidst all this drama I still feel, wow!!

The sun rises, there is rain...

The rainbow is what I see..

Happiness fills the air..

The earth goes green, colorful flowers.

Birds chirping happy faces..

Yes!! This is what I see,

Just because I decided, Not to give up!

Soon in my teens, I realized,

Anger, rage it's an emotion of all age.

Eyes go red, hair stands, you feel the fire.

It made me think, Is it worth?

Substance abuse, physical power,

It makes me feel on the tower.

The devil inside me gets the charger.

The stage is created, the limelight is me..

Hey listen, anger is always there as a part of me.

I learnt to carry my anger with pride,

And direct it towards right.

I stood with courage to transform myself,

Happiness and humanity is the stage, I created myself.

Direct anger to create this age.

When anger gets directed to the right,

This is where, happiness lies..

Today in my forties, I sit back and wonder,

Am I not a historian?

I am creating chronic events, which I call 'My Life".

Everything that I did and created,

Will be remembered and cherished.

My immediate family will always remember me,

For my deeds, my creation, my legacies..

This makes me wonder, am I not a historian.

I created events in my small community,

Which I call my family, my close-knitted friends, my society.

My child is a replication of what I am,

Children live our values.

We give them eye to dream.

They live and accomplish those dreams.

I will be remembered, I will live in my successors,

Just like I remember my predecessors,

This made me wonder, am I not a historian?

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