Life, A Fight

Life, A Fight

2 mins 306 2 mins 306

Life oh life!!! Why are you a fight?

In the dilemma of what is right.

We run here, we run there,

Experimenting everywhere,

The survival of the fetus,

Is the theory we dare!!

Food, clothing, and shelter,

Is all that you need..

But bro, how can you decide that for me?

I wear Gucci, I wear Hugo...

Is something I decide for me?

I stay rich, I stay poor

is what I need to be clear!

Nothing is decided prior.

I paint my life

The canvas is plain,

It’s on me how I play the game.

Nothing is right,

Nothing is wrong,

It’s an experience which goes on..

The last day I breathe,

I should feel complete!!


Life! Oh Life!! Why are you a fight?

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