Muskan Aneja

Drama Inspirational Tragedy


Muskan Aneja

Drama Inspirational Tragedy

The Light

The Light

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25 years ago I first saw the light,

The warmth the comfort,

That was when I made my first flight.

20 years ago I felt the pain,

He left us,

Without anything to explain.

19 years ago I cried,

She stood there in grief,

But still by my side.

15 years ago I had a dream,

To turn things around ,

And bring back the gleam.

14 years ago things got better,

She met my dad,

That was a true life changer.

10 years ago I passed the first test,

There a new world lied ahead,

I hoped for the best.

9 years ago I took the next step,

The world knew my name,

My promise was kept.

5 years ago I fell in love,

He felt my pain,

I felt his love.

1 year ago I lost faith,

A plane crashed,

They left me on march eighth.

1 day ago lying on my bedside,

It was going to be over soon,

But I had no one to confide.

1 second ago I saw the light,

However no one was by my side,

Its fine, I'm okay,

I wasn't going away without a fight.

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