Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win



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She abducts a piece of chocolate from her sibling

But surceases everything when She sees him/her panic.

She quenches about the seemingly extra freedom given to him/her

But quenches her parents’ anger when She sees him/her disappointed.

Such is the tenderness God created Her with!

Her heart of love commences with Her parents

And She fights the world when it embarrasses them.

She stands obstinate to get a garment of Her choice

And obscures Her desire for Her better half!

Such is the compassion She was born with!

She shares half of Her enshrouded miseries with Her friends

And buries the rest in Her diffident heart!

She gives Herself to comfort Her chums in distress

And weeps about their life’s disorderliness!

Such is the sensibility She lives with!

She dreams of sharing Her future with

(Her) Him whose childhood She shared!

She relinquishes everything fearing people

Who have been the reason for what She is!

Such is the deliberateness She is gifted with!

Her relations get Her married to a stranger

Upon whom they have considerable reliance.

She then engulfs Him with all the love

And never regrets for Her parent’s choice!

Such is the obeisance She has, inbuilt!

She travels to an unknown land

Leaving behind Her twenty five year relations

For the passion and dream of (Her) Him,

All Her dreams and passion buried long ago!

And then ‘he’ is born as the fruit of their love,

Giving the best of reasons for Her birth!

He grows and does all things that will invite trouble

Yet She forgives every single time and stays silent-

After all She had once wanted to watch (Her) Him grow

And life presents a delayed chance to recover her relinquished desire!

And still people marvel about the reason for

The Brobdingnagian strength of the mother-son bond!

She gets mocked at her physique!

She can never live the life of men!

She can take decisions but she never does!

She can never live independently!

Yet the source of power for life, She generates!

The Sun ascends everyday because She does!

The star scintillates everyday because She does!

The Moon evanescence because She does!

And the Moon upraises again only because She does!

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