Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Come Again Once. Never After.

Come Again Once. Never After.

2 mins

What are you trying to tell us?

Your voice is loud and clear

Yet the messages are ambiguous.

I see fallen trees and broken branches,

All through the way where there were

Strong symbols of nature.

Are you trying to say that

Concrete jungles are safer than the literal ones?

You tell me NO.

I see broken glasses all over now.

Some lay in the waste bin,

Some hurt the human bin.

Look at that one single tree

That's still in place,

Dark and dull but.

It wasn't an easy survival.

It's tired of fighting and

Mourning at the death of its contemporaries.

While many regret their death,

I regret their birth.

How can you rip off such physically strong roots?

Did the feeble mental power play a bad role?

Do all the trees symbolise all my love?

And the one still alive, stand as the ever-lasting one?

It pains.

It pains when I think about the time and effort

That would have been invested in the growth

Of the ones that are gone.

Now, don't tell me they were weak.

It was you who had been ruthless.

Those times I walked along them,

Watering their soul and seeing them blush,

You cannot carry away the memories

Until you carry away me.

The ones that are no more took pain at once.

The one that's alive now has to mourn all days.

Now, how will I console?

The rain clouds come wanting to aid

By drenching and washing away the gloom.

And you? What do you do?

Yell at them unsympathetically to move.

Just a day you came

And made things irreconcilable forever.

Come again to see

What you have caused.

Learn compassion from the ones you granted life then

And don't ever come again.

Not even for the ones who wait for you,

Solely for their personal purposes -

Not for those who want to write pages and pages

And turn them gracefully as they write you,

Not for those who want to capture your beauty

And show the records on screen,

Not for those who make you a part of history,

Not for the family members to meet,

If they are so bad at prioritising, so be it.

Let them reap the benefits of only what they sow.

Know you are dispensable.

Everyday now,

The Sun seems to be extra radiant.

I'm afraid if it really signifies brighter days ahead.

If yes, I feel terrible for the trees

That had to give their lives to make this happen.

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