Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Grow Up?

Grow Up?

2 mins

While you live the way you were taught to

And get frustrated by discrepancies,

While 'forgive and forget' is the nature of your life,

While spreading random colours on paper gladdens you,

While paper boats in bucket are a source of rejuvenation,

While you don't give a damn about your looks

And create a mess when people try to beautify you,

While you go crazy when you are let outdoor,

While you still cry out in hunger,

While you cannot sleep when you want to

And have to when you don't feel like,

While you add salt twice to your dish

Because odd makes you uncomfortable,

While strangers scare you and normalcy bores you,

While your heart beats skip when you do wrong

And your eyes lose focus when you lie,

While you have less heart to let go off

What people deem waste,

While you frown at people when you aren't comfortable,

While you master plan to skip morning milk,

While you laugh for no reason,

While infinitesimal things enliven you,

And while the mighty moon still follows you en route to your destination,

Why grow up?

While hypocrisy makes the Earth go round(!),

While laughter is a sign of irresponsibility,

While looks earn respect and love,

While your ears are tuned to stories

And the heart is safer when the voice is locked,

While you are named intolerable

For your resistance towards the crosswind

And deemed less smart

For being on the side of truth,

While change is the law of life,

While little sentiments are owned by fools,

While only cowards fear,

While mistakes are a sign of immaturity,

While age is not just a number,

While delight and sorrow is just for thyself,

While travel is a waste of time,

While you get ditched for being you,

While the done gets neglected

And the undone gets questioned,

While you become a bore when you blame/grumble,

While there are only less grown children,

Why not grow up?

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