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Shibangi Das

Drama Tragedy


Shibangi Das

Drama Tragedy

Scarred Emotions

Scarred Emotions

1 min 138 1 min 138

They looked like a perfect couple

Their bond seemed heavenly

Having a husband like him

She was so lucky.

But the sun rays shined so bright

Unable it was, to see the real thing

In the darkness of the night

The truth,

That faint light of moon did bring.

The full sleeves she wore

To hide her scars,

Was undressed by the monster

In a way so harsh

To give some more scars yet again

He didn't want to notice

Her sorrows, her pain.

Her eyes full of tears

And heart full of fears

Wanted to be kindled

In a way she yearned.

She remembered the day

When she had imagined,

The love

She would share with someone

Would be beautiful and candid.

The emotion so alluring,

For her

It became a nightmare

She wants her scars to be healed

With lots of love and care,

Which she knew won't happen

And chances are rare

The god knows she thought

If he would do a miracle

She wished for God

So that he wouldn't face a debacle.

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